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  • Works sometimes, but is extremely irritating as this often opens for no reason, randomly. All features in the extension that are manual work perfectly, but the "down detection" is terrible.
  • I used to love this addon but lately it's kicking in simply when going back and forth in a single tab's history when the page I'm going to has displayed beautifully within the last two minutes. Now I only enable it when I need it, which is a royal pain.
  • Like everyone else has mentioned, the add on is a little over zealous to show archived versions of the page. Other than that it is a useful add on
  • Works great, except for it thinking that a working site is down and asking if I want to see an archived version. When this happens I have to spam the back button until it stops thinking the page is down.

    Fixing this bug and/or preferably adding an option to disable automatic missing page recognition would make this a 5/5.
  • This addon is good for saving webpages that might go down in the future. However... it keeps redirecting to the "You want to see an archived version of this page?" over-zealously for any page. Especially if you use the back button it will recursively keep redirecting to the extension's page.

    Stop this right now or I will just report and uninstall this addon!
  • Like others have mentioned, I wish I could turn off its automatic dead page detection. The reason is simple, it seems to be overly zealous and/or outright wrong in what it considers a dead page. If I come across a dead page, I'd rather manually go and click the icon in the addon bar in order to get a recent version.
  • I find it really, really annoying that I cannot block it's popup for some sites. For example, Reddit is down right now. Every time I reload, it pops its obnoxious "you wanna see an archived version of this page?" thing. No matter how many times I dismiss the damned thing. I don't want an archived version of Reddit. Please give us a way to black list sites from this popup!
  • A great addon but it sometimes thinks that a non 404 page is a 404 page, which is very annoying
  • The best.
  • It redirects many pages that are working just fine to the "Page not available screen", and there isn't a way to disable that part of the addon. I really like the ability to open a page in the wayback machine, but this addon gets in the way of my regular browsing too much.
  • The current version has an issue that it frequently consider a working web page as 404 and redirects it to addon page, especially when URL change or go back/forward, which is very annoying.
  • Very helpful extension, but it detects many working pages as 404, especially on browser reload. An option to disable automatic Wayback machine popup is really needed.
  • I love Archive.org, truly a priceless resource. Unfortunately the last few months I've been unable to use the "Save Page Now" function. It just goes to a blank page when I try. It seems like a problem through the core site, since when I actually go to Archive.org/*site and hit "save a copy" it doesn't work either.
  • I will consider changing the rating, once the major bug will be fixed, which causes this plugin to pop up on working websites.