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  • A great addon but it sometimes thinks that a non 404 page is a 404 page, which is very annoying
  • The best.
  • It redirects many pages that are working just fine to the "Page not available screen", and there isn't a way to disable that part of the addon. I really like the ability to open a page in the wayback machine, but this addon gets in the way of my regular browsing too much.
  • The current version has an issue that it frequently consider a working web page as 404 and redirects it to addon page, especially when URL change or go back/forward, which is very annoying.
  • Very helpful extension, but it detects many working pages as 404, especially on browser reload. An option to disable automatic Wayback machine popup is really needed.
  • I love Archive.org, truly a priceless resource. Unfortunately the last few months I've been unable to use the "Save Page Now" function. It just goes to a blank page when I try. It seems like a problem through the core site, since when I actually go to Archive.org/*site and hit "save a copy" it doesn't work either.
  • I will consider changing the rating, once the major bug will be fixed, which causes this plugin to pop up on working websites.
  • The bug of March 2019 that triggers it on about 30% of times I try to go back one page (on regular, live, working URLs) needs to be fixed...

    Else very useful since so many websites (especially universities and governments!) can't seem to understand the concept of a stable URL!
  • It currently has a bug that causes it to trigger sometimes when I click the back button. I just visited the page a minute ago, it works fine when the addon is disabled, and my internet connection is fast, so I don't think it's a problem with the site.

    However, apart from the bug, this is indicative of a problem with the addon design, which is that it redirects to a different page, and offers no option to exit out of the addon or try to load the original page even if the Wayback Machine addon thinks it's broken. It's okay for the addon to make mistakes, it's not okay for me to need to disable it in order to load the original page.
  • Generally very helpful and almost never misses an error. Problem is, occasionally it'll activate for no apparent reason on a page that loads just fine, and will redirect to another page to do so. So now you have to hit back just to get to the page that was halfway through loading before the extension decided it actually wasn't. Weirdly, when it responds to a normal error it never redirects, instead opting for a popup you can close. Why it only agressively redirects you when it makes a mistake is a mystery, and a very annoying one.