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  • Hi: I've been using the Walnut versions perhaps since they first were available. I've been busing Walnut2 for the past few years. The current Mozi folks have excluded it from use on the current Firefox. Dah. How dumb. My response was to tell them I will not use any FakeFox, er, excuse me please, FireFox that does not permit the use of Walnut2. My last response to them regarding this was to tell them how pathetic their Fake Walnut was for using FireFox. dicke@ufl.edu

  • For Firefox 56.0 yes. for 57.0 no. That version knocked out too many of the extensions that I just reinstalled 56.0. 57.0 makes using it very difficult and unproductive and the flat interfaced theme really sucks. Firefox pulled a boner on that one as far as I'm concerned.

    Until I can use my 4 necessary extensions: Classic Theme Restorer, Classic Buttons, Session Manager, and Tabs Mixed Plus, I ain't upgrading for anything.

    I like the old Walnut 2 theme over any replacement thank you.

  • Aber leider nicht mehr für den 57.0 kompatibel.

  • Sorry to see you go - My favorite

  • This my favorite Skin, then again there never really were many skins, but even though I always like this one and the Walnut2 Thank you.

  • Why don't you have a donate button?

  • Ik mis het helaas in Firefox 57. Hopelijk komt het terug ook ik gebruik dit thema al vele jaren, het is een heel prettig en rustgevend thema. Het is me niet gelukt via config Walnut2 weer actief te krijgen.

  • I love the look and feel, Please bring it back for Firefox 57, I have used this one theme for many, many years, and miss that it is legacy, and now not available.

  • I've used Walnut.x since before Firefox was Firefox. It's clean, easy to customize, and gives the browser a warmer look missing from most desktops.
    I just downgraded Firefox to 56.x to keep Walnut2 working.
    The fix suggested does not work. :-(
    ... and I can't find the donate button!

  • Please fix that error in the titlebar
    Link => http://image-bugs.com/image/L1Ge

  • Давно пользуюсь этой темой, но к сожалению новая версия Firefox не поддерживает данное дополнение.

  • by joebear9 on December 24, 2016 · permalink · translate

    Ever sine I began using the web and found my home browser Firefox—I have been impressed by Mr. Kayser— # 1 in style and function!

  • Пользуюсь этой темой лет 10. К сожалению новые версии Firefox постепенно убивают эту тему, как и многие другие прекрасные темы (например прекрасная убитая серия тем GLOWY). То не отрисовываются кнопки, то не помешается текст. Тем не менее всё равно буду пользоваться этой темой. Хотел выбрать что-то новое из тем, предлагаемых в топе Firefox, настолько они простенькие и убогие (просто полоска-картинка вверу браузера), что тут же оставил эту идею и вновь вернулся на Walnut. Очень надеюсь на то, что разработчик не оставит разработку этой темы и она будет совместима с новыми версиями Firefox. Удачи и успехов разработчику.

  • Hello,

    we find about add-ons, start with some enthusiasm trying many and many. After some time, we learn that add-ons, as a rule, don't work like Mozilla's own developed features.

    Like all rules, though, there are exceptions.
    Here we are: your Walnut themes are fantastic, esthetically (important), functionally (much more important than esthetics).
    Firefox keeps being updated, and your add-ons keep working with no flaws.
    You're a serious coder, and what's more remarkable, you really care for the users and their needs.

    As soon as I have many tabs opened, a theme like yours becomes priceless.
    And what about the main theme colour? Isn't it the most comfortable possible to the eyes?

    Although I am very, and I mean very poor, I wanted to make a small donation, as it's some months I am using this theme as default, and I'll keep doing so (switching to others just for short time, for the sake of some variety).

    You are doing something important, for at least a certain kind of Firefox user. Thanks.

    Developer response

    Thanks for your nice comments.
    No donation is required, but comments like these make my day!

  • Please look at the screenshot and fix this bug in the next update.

    I love this theme very much but this is not funny with this dark bug in the top.


  • este tema me encanta esta completo y es bonito :D xDDD

  • Very good, wooden extension. The icons are not too high as in almost all other extensions, they are wider. This looks much clearer. This has yellowish appearance, something to yellow, but it works.

    As I add many icon in the upper main bar that does not take up much space, so the browser window has more to offer (with the name of the icon on).

    By the way, I'm using (since 2014) Firefox 26, 27 or 28.

  • Dear Alfred!
    Your's Walnut2 is wonderful and unique skin!
    Can I change the font size on the panels of your wonderful and unique skin Walnut2 . Very large fonts in the panel "Bookmarks" - do not find room. I would like to see them all before my eyes. screen resolution change screen settings and other in Win 8 highly undesirable.
    Thank you. Mike. (seookey@ya.ru)

    P.S. I would be happy if you choose the time to answer me.

  • Muito bom!

  • Best Theme Ever.

  • I already liked Walnut, but I think Walnut2 is a major improvement. It's visually interesting without being busy and distracting, and it uses warm colors that are neither too dark nor too bright for my eyes. I appreciate being able to use this for both Firefox and Thunderbird, and it works well functionally with both. I'd like to have it as a theme for my chat program too- maybe I'll give Instantbird a try?

  • Excellent Theme. My favorite theme. But I switched to another theme because of the ugly icons. Otherwise one of the best ever. The use of colour is excellent. The best background I've ever seen. Text, icons and everything can be seen clearly. Cool and pleasant looks to eyes. Design is compact and excellent. Only one con: Icons are ugly. I hope the developer could make time to fix this and this will become one of the best and unbeatable firefox themes of all time.

  • My preference, and favorite one is (Walnut2) !! This is the one I use 95% of the time. Not as many people use this one as (Walnut)? But, I do use (Walnut) 5% of time for a change. There are NO other Themes that I use at this time other than these two. I like the (Colors and Formats) better, and it is very user friendly. I would like to see the same or similar formats to this Theme with other Solid Colors. Maybe, Hot Firefox Orange. With the Firefox branded on there in great taste as the Walnuts Format Themes. Just some examples! Something new or different But, as user friendly as the Walnut Themes. Just some nice changes. As long as AlfredKayser does them...

  • Beautiful and functional theme.

  • I tried to have a similar theme on all browsers and this is the best. The guy updates it constantly: fixing things, improving it. It really shows!