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  • Does not work with latest version of firefox!
    I disabled the addons;
    I do not have a button to save the page.
    I have the message "Registering the page in wallabag ..."
    If you could solve this problem?

    14/10 12h
    No I did not try on a new profile because I already spent time to understand: disabling add-ons, closing browsers, testing on 2 profiles
    I use FF 69.0.2 with ubuntu 18.04.3
    Can you tell us what version of Firefox you are using and which is your platform, please? Did you try the extension on a fresh Firefox profile?
  • Doesn't work in Firefox.
    Useless and uninstalled.
    Hello there,
    We are sorry to ear that. Did you try with a fresh Firefox profile? Maybe are you using an addon that can block the call to your wallabag server.
  • Configuring it is super counter intuitive. I have a paid hosting on app.wallabag.it and yet setting up the addon needs to create a client on the website, pasting it back on the addons settings page and still entering the password anyways, or maybe not, very unclear. I then realized that before setting it up it was not saving anything. So I just LOST all the pages I bookmarked before figuring out how to connect the plugin to my account. And the wallabag plugin doesn't indicate in anyways that it is linked to a server or not. No color change, no error messages. So I was just casually bookmarking pages with the idea that they were getting saved....But they are gone. Now that I linked to the server, I was hopping that it would sync a kind a local buffer, but no luck with that.. Wallabag is great, but the Firefox addon is just crap.
    Hi there,
    We are really sorry to ear that your experience was not great enough and you are absolutely right about your issues. We just released a new version opening the settings page after the extensions being installed. We will try to display a better warning when configuration is not ok.
    Thanks a lot for helping us to understand what our users need.
    Have a nice day and we hope that your current daily experience is better.
  • Wallabag is an adequate substitute for Pocket, being fully open source, and with the ability to self host it if you don't want to trust the two main hosted instances.

    It's not quite as slick as Pocket, but I find that goes for many, otherwise perfectly usable, open source equivalents for commercial products and services. What let's it down though it the complexity of configuring the add-on with your account credentials.

    The instructions could be clearer as to what to do exactly when you have an account with

    1) framabag.org
    2) wallabag.it
    3) self hosted

    While self hosting is beyond the skills of ordinary users, many users of the aforementioned hosted instances still won't have a clue what an API is or how to set up a client.

    I could not give Wallabag and the Wallabagger add-on to my family and most of my friends, without having to do the configuration for them. With Pocket no such problem.

    This is a pitfall of many open source products, many of which are created to scratch an itch for the developer, who by definition is technical enough to not need a user friendly UI.

    As this add-on works well, once configured, I've only docked one star; more hand holding for novice users and a slicker presentation and overall experience is all that stops this from earning a fully 5 star rating.
  • The module works fine on my Linux laptop with Firefox 60 but I can't configure it on Firefox for Android as the configuration fields are not visible: I can see the labels but not the fields.
    Edit: I rotated the screen and added the url of my own wallabag server then clicked on "test url" but nothing happened... (Checked also with app.wallabag.it, nothing happened too)
    Version 1.5.0 of the module
    Edit2 Also the howto page gives an error:
    Server Error

    Sorry, something went terribly wrong!
    E_WARNING - session_write_close(): write failed: No space left on device (28)

    Edit Jan. 17, 2019: Hello, thanks for the answer. Indeed, the help page now works but not the add-on, sadly. Still exactly the same problem: still need to rotate the phone for displaying (at least partially) the parameters and the "test url" link does absolutely nothing even with the app.wallabag.it link.
    Furthermore, the help only speaks of a Chrome add-on, not the Firefox one... Is it working on Android Firefox?
    Sorry for the late reply. It should be working now.
    Have a nice day and thanks for the kind review.
    (replying to Simounet, below) Thanks for the fast reply! (I can't figure out how to 'reply' to 'replies' so doing it here....)

    I'm using Firefox 61.0.2 and Chromium 59.0.3071.109 on Ubuntu 16.10

    I installed Wallabag on subdomain my shared hosting server via a one-click installer, and after fussing with the url (it wanted https://mysubdomain.com/web/ and not just https://mysudomain.com even though it is installed in root directory) IT WORKED. And it works great! Five stars for this and fast replies.

    One suggestion: It would be great to mention somewhere really obvious on the wallabag site that these one-click installers for wallabag exist for shared hosting set-ups... It didn't even occur to me until I stumbled across a mention on a random blog-post... the instructions here: https://doc.wallabag.org/en/admin/installation/installation.html#on-shared-hosting
    they are pretty crytpic....

    thanks! recommend this, but be prepared for some fussiness maybe



    Hi! Just getting started with Wallabagger and Wallabag today... really love it... in theory... :)

    I can get Android Wallabagger to sync my (trial) account app.wallabag.it no problem, this is great.

    I _can't_ get Firefox or Chromium Wallabagger extension to sync at all... I press 'check URL' and nothing happens; nothing in the console or anything. I tried disabling all extensions, fresh install of Chromium etc. (tips gleaned from various forums) and still nothing.

    However, when I test connect to Framabag.org, it works! (I don't have a key, so it just shows me Chuck Norris etc.) Also, the bookmarklet works fine, but would be really interested in being able to tag etc.

    Anyone else having this problem? Any tips? Fully, fully ready to 5 star this if I can get it to work...

    Apologies for cross-posting.


    EDIT: (replying to SImounet, below) Thanks for the fast reply! Apologies I can't
    Can you tell us which version of Firefox and Chromium are you using?
    Can you try to install it on a fresh Firefox profile please?
    We will try to help you as much as we can to make it work for you.
  • An excellent totally-opensource alternative to other read-it-later services
  • Great app, good working plugin.

    Just get rid of the shared secret authentication stuff and make the register screen easier to find.
    People use logins and simple steps to setup accounts these days...
  • Great Open Source service, I recommend it as a Pocket alternative.
    Thanks for you sweet comment. Have a nice day!
  • "You can get the Client ID and the Client secret from the wallabag's API clients management part. If you don't have any existing client, you can create one following these steps..."


    In short, having reinstalled firefox and lost my authentication token, I can't log in anymore, can't get a new token because I can't figure out how to make that happen (see above), and just can't be bothered with this. Life is too short.
    Sorry to hear you are in trouble with wallabagger. If I get it well, you reinstalled Firefox and can't manage to make wallabagger working again? You should be able to do that copying the info from `https:///developer` into the wallabagger setup page.

    Anyway, you can reach us at https://gitter.im/wallabag/wallabag or (as said into the 'Do you need help?' section).

    Have a nice day.
  • Very useful and working well once configured, but setup might be a bit hard for novice users.
    Hello Zertrin,

    First of all, thank you for using wallabag and wallabagger. Can you told us what did you found hard to understand? We can try to improve this setup's description with your help.

    Have a nice day.
  • no es mi gusto
    Hi there,
    Can you tell us why? We would love to improve your experience.
    Have a nice day.
  • Great !!
  • Works fine if you manage to get through all the hops for initial configuration (Firefox 58.0.1). It didn't picked up my url and didn't showed the rest of the settings (api id, secret etc.) until I restarted Firefox and after I filled the rest of the authentication info it reported the token as expired until the next Firefox restart.
    Once it was working I exported the addon configuration (thanks for adding that option) I realized that it is storing passwords in plain text, please, never do this! To be fair, I am not sure if there is support for this in current Firefox api.

    But anyway, thanks a lot for providing this addon!

    Edit 12.02.2018:
    Came back to take back one more start as this addon sends every url you have visited to the wallabag instance you are using (namely to yourwallabag/api/entries/exists.json) even if you never touched the wallabagger button, I find this quite a bad practice.
    Hi there,

    Thanks for using wallabag and wallabagger. You can turn off these calls with the option that indicates you if the page is already saved.
    About the password, we are using the Firefox API to store it safely but we will take a look at a better way.

    Have a nice day.
  • Love it!
  • Excellente, vivement qu'on puisse se connecter avec mot de passe et login, sans avoir besoin de créer ID et token...
  • I run my own wallabag server , this plugin on desktop and android integrates and works perfectly.
    Thank you to everyone involved in the projects!
    For using wallabag and wallabagger. :)
  • I simply love it .Running my own bag and have the client on different browsers and devices. It just works! Thanks for this wonderful piece of software!
    It's always a pleasure to see an happy user. Thanks for letting us know and this kind rating.
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