Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Follow-up to Previous Review: Just submitted a charge-back to my credit card company for the $19.99 I was charged when I was supposed to be getting a free 30-day trial for the paid version. Twice, I got the same canned response from Support that didn't even address my concerns when I inquired about the charge and asked why they would need to have my credit card in the first place. My replies to their support emails consistently bounced back with a 550 relay error, so I had to either use the tech's email address in his signature block or go back through the support site's email page. There is no complete record that shows the trail of the issue, so no wonder they don't know what's going on. My actual technical inquiry support request has not at all bee acknowledged, much less addressed after just short of a week. All the same issues exist, so even though Cocoon is now showing by Firefox to have been made compatible with Firefox 18, when I enabled it for just a few minutes, all the conflicts with other extensions had not changed. I quickly disabled it again for concern the conflicts would cause more problems. If nothing else, this company should give me my money back for being a dissatisfied customer. Again, however, they should never have charged me in the first place. They didn't even send me an email receipt for my credit card charge...the only software/extension/app retailer I've ever seen that didn't acknowledge payment via email after purchase. Something is a little (or maybe a lot) shady about this outfit. My advice to my fellow Firefox users is to read what Mozilla says about the status of this extension and to steer clear of it.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (vb-20120830181920.1-signed.1-signed). 

Valuable Feedback


Thank you for your feedback. It's this kind of feedback, and the feedback others have submitted that is pushing us to improve our product and services. We're a fledgling company working in a challenging space, but that is no excuse for failures like this. We're working hard to address the failures you have addressed here.

I welcome your email for further conversation about this and what we might be able to do to improve our service further. No bounceback or relay error guarantee on that email and hopefully all other emails in the future! You can reach me at tjbermant (at) vworldc (dot) com.

Again, thank you for your invaluable and frank feedback.

Rated 3 out of 5 stars

If Cocoon turns out to be capable of smoothly and efficiently doing what it claims, it will not only be the Firefox add-on of the year, but also the best add-on since the inception of Firefox.

I agree with the other reviewer about the nag screens being beyond annoying. Like that user, I ended up dishing out the $20 after about 15 minutes of experimenting just to quieten those incessant prompts stating that the feature isn't available in the free version. It seemed like MOST features aren't available in the free version!

It was difficult enough with this somewhat complex extension to figure out how to configure and use it without all of that going on at the same time. The tutorials are totally for the full blown versions and make no reference to limitations of any free version. In fact, several of the short videos are written for features that aren't even available in the free version. The developers clearly don't want to keep anyone at the free level indefinitely. As such, they should be more ethical and simply offer the free trial only, and not a free version.

I didn't seem to get the 30 day free trial promised because the prompts required my credit card. I'm not sure why that happened, but I let it go because I wanted to get those pop-ups gone and get back to my experimentation while areas of concern were fresh on my mind.

There could be more Firefox extensions incompatible with Cocoon than the handful mentioned in their support documentation, but I could certainly be wrong about that. Something is causing it to glitch out on me with freezes and crashes. Some of these suspected interfering extensions may not even be needed as it seems the intent of Cocoon is to combine the benefits of a number of other extensions, even though the means of doing it may vary. Their means may be superior to the other extensions for all I know. If that's true, there is great potential for this add-on once a more user friendly version is rolled out.

If it works as advertised, depending on whether it is complete solutions or workarounds that are devised for the the buggy behavior, it may eventually warrant 4 and maybe 5 stars.

The most annoying drawback at the moment is that I've apparently paid for a year's subscription and just found that this extension doesn't work with the upgrade to Firefox that just came out (18.0). I find that pretty much unacceptable, though maybe forgivable if they fix it today or tomorrow at the latest.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (vb-20120830181920.1-signed.1-signed).