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  • A great addition. It has everything we need to work with Vue and Vuex.

  • great tool!!

  • Excellent Tool!

  • Waaaaaay better than React/Redux dev tools. Can edit things right in my browser and components update. Built in Vuex support if you're using that too. Thank you for this addon, it makes programming in Vue even more of a joy.

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  • nice

  • самое удобное для этого фреймворка

  • Brilliant addon for firefox.

  • Makes VueJS development so easy. Works better than the React tools. The addon is reactive so you can edit data in the VueJS tab and watch your component update. Only 4 stars right now since apps in iframes don't work right yet.

  • Works Great. One thing to fix is that other DevTools can zoom in/out, but the Vue dev tool does not adjust when zoomed.

  • Great tool

  • Great plugin!

  • Can't get this to work and the documentation for the Firefox version of the plug-in is deficient.

    Firefox version: 52.7.2 (64-bit) CentOS 7

    I've tried the things in the other reviews (e.g., turning on "Enable browser chrome and add-on debugging toolboxes" and using the dev version of Vue) and the test page works with the equivalent Dev Tools extension in Chromium. One thing that may be an issue: there's no option to allow local files in the Firefox version, whereas the Chrome extension has this; in my case this was important as I'm testing with local files.

    I'll check back to see if this is fixed, or if anyone has any bright ideas on what might be wrong.

  • Got this to work.

    For al those who are looking for making the extension to work, in the DevTools, click the settings button and enable the "Enable browser chrome and add-on debugging toolboxes" option.

  • Vue.js is detected on this page. Open DevTools and look for the Vue panel.


  • 膜拜!

  • awesome!

  • thank

  • very helpful

  • Doesn't work on Firefox for android.

  • Is this a plug-in migrated from Chrome? so bad that I want to smash the keyboard, i hope you konow

  • good

  • Couldn't get it to work at first but after reading a comment below i got it working. note: Ensure you're using the developer vesion of vue.js and not production version.

  • Perfect dev tool! Thanks guys!