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  • Bonjour,

    Cette extension devrait être obligatoire.

    Toutefois, actuellement (Firefox 61.0 et VTZilla 2.1.1), un bug fait que lorsque l'on utilise l'impression ou l’aperçu avant impression d'une page Web, du code est ajouté par erreur en bas de page :
    Les <> ont été remplacés par des [ ]


    This extension should be mandatory.

    However, currently (Firefox 61.0 and VTZilla 2.1.1), a bug makes that when using the print or print preview of a web page, code is added by mistake at the bottom of the page:
    The <> have been replaced by []

    [ div id="vtoverlay" class="vtoverlay vthidden w3-animate-right w3-container" ]
    [ div class="vtmain" ]
    [ div class="vtcontactus" ]
    [ a href="https://www.virustotal.com" ]
    [ img class="vtlogo-small" src="moz-extension://da55a719-38a2-4ff3-b113-54d76694b1d6/icons/vt-32.png" width="20px" ]
    [ /a ]
    [ a href="https://www.virustotal.com" ]
    [ /a ]
    [ /div ]
    [ div class="vttext" id="statustext" ]
    [ div class="vtscanstatus" id="vtscanstatus" ]

    [ /div ]
    [ div class="vtprogress" id="vtprogress" ]0%[ /div ]
    [ br ]
    [ div class="vtscanstatus" id="vtscanlinks" ]

    [ /div ]
    [ span id="vtclose" ][ strong ]X[ /strong ][ /span ]
    [ /div ]
    [ /div ]
    [ /div ]

    Ceci provoque l'impression de 3 lignes :
    1/ logo VTZilla, et le mot VTZilla,
    2/ 0%
    3/ X

    Merci de corriger rapidement cela.
    Thank you for quickly correcting this.

  • My BEST security friend when downloading.
  • So far, all it has done is waste paper. With everything I print, an extra page prints with only "VTZilla 0% x" on it. There are no print setting in the extension. I can't find any mention of it on the internet and the Virustotal website contact page won't submit my issue. I did find that I could submit it in Chrome, which isn't good for a Firefox (56) extension. I'm waiting to hear from them but for now, it's costing me money so I have to disable it.
  • Long time waited, an official VirusTotal add-on. Thank you guys.
  • Initial review (v2.0.1):
    This is a very handy extension, especially for users that prefer (and can afford to) take proactive security measures where possible.

    To the developer(s): Consider changing the default settings in this new version so that they are more in line with what is stated in the privacy policy. Querying VirusTotal on every download should be opt-in, not opt-out.

    Update (v2.1.1):
    I see that you folks decided to change the privacy policy instead, so I guess my review was productive in a way. I can still recommend VirusTotal as a service for scanning files found in the net (because it can be very useful sometimes), but I will no longer recommend this extension.
  • Great to see this finally updated. I like the new features, but the pause download when sending to VirusTotal doesn't work. On every attempt I tried the download would cancel, and not resume. That's the only gripe I have right now, so I turned that option off until an update fixes it hopefully.
  • Делает именно то, что нужно!
  • Nice site and service, but incompatible with Firefox Nightly: 60.0a1 (2018-01-22) (64-bit)
    Please make compatible.
  • Not compatible with the newest version of Firefox
  • could not download because of a connection problem
  • I really like this addon but is going to work in FF57?
  • but died in Firefox 55
  • ...
  • 5 Stars
  • great
  • Una extensión muy recomendable para la gente que no se fia de lo que se descarga o navega.

    - Hay un error, que al descargarte un archivo y dar en analizar con VirusTotal sale esto:

    {"result": 0, "verbose_msg": "Invalid URL"}

    Todo lo demas esta perfecto, si arreglan el error que es lo esencial de la extension, les pondre 5 estrellas.
  • Very good addon, but personally I do not need VirusTotal toolbar.Still should be improved, long wait for until converted VirusTotal website
  • Reasonable and necessary extension.Thank you.
  • Si tenés un equipo que lo usas solo para navegar, con este complemente ni siquiera es necesario tener un antivirus instalado, debería estar en la protada de los complements de seguridad.
  • I've come to find that right clicking on a link and scanning it no longer works. For awhile there I found myself having to refresh the page about 1 min. later to get the results, as it wouldn't show them initially. But now when I try to do it it simply takes me to the Virus Total website/main page, where you can upload files to be scanned. And doesn't scan the link whatsoever.

    And since this was the only reason I had for this addon in the first place I've now uninstalled it.

    I don't see anyone else mentioning it though, so I wonder if it's just something with my particular setup. So I'd like to hear others check to see if it works for them too and report their findings. Or... if it is indeed a widespread problem please fix it, and I'll install it again, because I really liked that feature. And I'll change my rating to 5 and apologize.
  • I agree w/ previous reviewers - concept is good, but toolbar takes up too much space in FF. But testing the toolbar provided the info for me to write my own bookmarklet to grab the url that's currently in your url bar and feed it to VirusTotal. You can try yourself if you like javascript:(function(){VirusTotal=window.open('https://www.virustotal.com/en/url/submission/?force=1&url='+document.URL,'_blank','');if(window.focus){virusTotal.focus()};})()
  • i have 3 problems with vtzilla.
    1. why do you need an entire tool bar taking up valuable screen space? (and why does mozilla allow it??) it should be treated as all other add-ons-- where they go and icons vs. text to take up less space.
    2. i recently found out vtzilla is now owned by google, so now they have yet another way to track and sell my browsing habits.
    3. webutation(.org) consistently scans as containing malicious files and yet they are part of the 'trusted' vtzilla machine, passing judgement on other sites.
    i sent the developers an email at least 4 months ago about this concern. never heard back, and webutation is still there and still not scanning as clean.

    btw, webutation owns all of the following, or at least they share the same IP address: (i've added brackets so i'm not posting potential malware links.)


    when i tried to connect securely to webutations(.org), i got the "This Connection is Untrusted", "get me out of here" message from firefox along with technical details:
    "www.webutations(.org) uses an invalid security certificate" .

    so yeah, i'm having trust issues, and felt i had to finally register here and post because my concern has fallen on developers' deaf ears.
  • It's a good extension that really makes your browsing safer. The only thing I don't like: I can't customize the VirusTotal Toolbar (move its buttons to the other toolbars). Please improve the toolbar customization options, and then it'll be great!
  • This one really handy!! it's works as it supposed to do, to be honest at first I'm a bit skeptical tough, this is a must have addon
  • Спасибо!
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