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  • Еле тянет.
  • Quite reliable and fast connections without impacting on the speed of non-vpn connections outside of browser

    Asks for password each time I boot up though which is irritating but understandable, a remember me button would be appreciated
  • UPD: Addon is annoying as hell.
    Adding to the last review:
    4) Frequent connection losses and NO WARNING! Ffs, devs, it affects privacy, you know? Plugin just breaks connection and you continue to work through the censored compromised government network. Great, just great!!!
    5) "Like our app"? Constant, never ending notifications to rate and review. Even "never ask again" does not work. You want review!? Get it!!! Spend some time to update this addon, it is horrible and annoying!!!

    (last version)
    It's ok, but not ideal.
    1) Plugin asks for password sometimes when you reopen browser. Don't have option to save it somehow.
    2) Plugin does not remember the connection status. So upon browser start you have to turn the vpn manually. Even with "Auto connect" option turned on.
    3) The most annoying thing is that it often loses your chosen country and sets to "Optimal server" which is usually (surprise!) the same country as yours. Guys! VPN is used exactly to go through other countries, I don't need my homeland's censorship, even if it's "optimal". It's just stupid.
  • Everytime signing needed
    Everytime you have to select server.
    Auto connect doesnt work
  • very fast
  • perfekt.
  • Très bonne extension de vpn pour Mozilla Firefox, facile d'utilisation mais payant.
  • Great VPN. Love the ease of use, works great with any browser.
  • if only free forever or the Ass-hat data goon's would leave people alone! Good service is a toss up express or unlimited

    Cracker out
  • I can't use the extension anymore (September 8 update). When I try to log on, after entering my username, either clicking on the Password box or pressing Tab closes the extension abruptly. Hope you can take a look at it.
  • Good extension, but typing in your password (being VPN Unlimited user) every time you want to use it (after logging to browser) is real pain in the azz and complete waste of time. Fix it, please.
  • best
  • it dose what i need it to do
  • good
  • Version 71 update to Firefox BROKE THIS APP (v6). This app will not work with Firefox until it is updated. You can install it, but it won't connect to any of the VPN servers. No workaround or fix has been offered, as yet.
  • 先试下,谢谢了!
  • Достали расширения с принудительной регистрацией.