Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Yeah, I'm rounding up. This works really well, but to get the final half star, I'd like to see the following:

1. Proper capitalization: The menu item should be "Add URL to VLC playlist."

2. More defaults, like .m4v, so I don't have to add that manually.

3. Better vlc.exe detection. I had it installed in the default (Windows 32-bit) location, and yet the addon still couldn't find it automatically. (Even better would be to check the registry in Windows)

Yeah, these are all nitpicks. But that's all that's wrong with this addon. It's almost perfect!

BTW, it would seem that it would be pretty easy to convert this into a more generic addon. Add a place for command line options and let people pick their preferred executable, and it would work with any media player. Then all you'd need is some default settings for common media programs and to change the context menu (perhaps giving an option to change it), and you'd be set.

I'll compensate for the roundup and update the addon soon ...

Plus: There are already plans for a more generic version, indeed. However, not each and every player will allow for adding to its playlist via command line call. It's a tedious work to find out which players do and how the proper parameters would be. On top of that you may want to send different sets of file types to different applications. I'll probably have to rely on feedback from the users about their working configurations to integrate useful defaults.