Rated 4 out of 5 stars

This add-on was the only way I could get music to start streaming from Jamendo. So, I see VLC Context Menu as quite worthwhile having installed.

Still, as programmer points out, no new options show up on the right-click menu. This is inconsistent with both the title and description provided for VLC Context Menu. Hence, 4 stars.

One further problem, but maybe it is not the add-on's fault, is that vlc doesn't appear to be buffering the streamed music very well, which is resulting in jerky play. I didn't have this problem on the intermittent occasions when I got Jamendo's own player to work. I'm quite the newb when it comes to streaming, so I don't know how/whether this can be fixed - but ideally, this problem would not be apparent. If the problem is with my VLC settings, then it would be nice if the add-on automatically (albeit optionally) changed VLC's settings for optimal streaming quality.

Anyway, thank you Helga Tauscher for your hard work :)

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.4). 

After starting out with the most common ones, I went trough the VLC feature list to find the file extensions for all supported audio formats - hope I didn't forget too much ... see the new version 0.5

As for the VLC streaming options: The addon currently starts VLC with only two options: --playlist-enqueue and --one-instance. It could also set something like --http-caching, but you should better set the caching time in your VLC preferences according to your needs. In the medium term I plan to release a more generic version where you can also set options on addon level if you want.