VisualizeUs Rated 1 out of 5 stars

The description of what this add-on does and the service it is linked to should be more clearly written, so that you know that the add on is really a way to suck you into joining a social network.

When I read the description of this add on, I thought that you could use VisualizeUS to create a collection of pictures you like, but keep the collection private and, if you chose, share the collection with a few others. Basically, I wanted a way to group pictures that interest me without joining a large, wide-open social network. In fact, this is an add-on for people who want to be part of the VisualizeUS social network -- which seems to be a very open network. I gather from other reviews that the add-on makes it easier to post to the social network -- and maybe also to Facebook and Tumblr via VisualizeUs.(I couldn't figure out for sure.) VisualizeUS does not seem to give you even the limited level of privacy that Facebook does, because every VU member can see what every other VU member posts.

That's fine if it is what you want, but that is not what I wanted. I also did not want to be forced to look for my Facebook friends the first time I tried to use VisualiseUs. I could not get past the "look for your friends" page to even see my posted picture. I know social networking is the rage, but I'm really sick of having every other service on the web insist that I rope other people into using their service. It's as if they're trying to turn us all into AmWay sales persons. I don't have time to read about everything everyone I know likes on line, and I don't want anyone and everyone on line to see what I like.