Usage not thought through to the end Rated 2 out of 5 stars

I really like the idea, and I had hoped to use this to clean up my password collection. However, I find it really hard to use.

First, it took a while until I figured out how to find the name of the web-site which a row in the diagram represents. (In the 1st version of this review, I complained that there was no way). There's a mouse-over on the little black bar at the right end of each row. So, now that I've found that, I can at least tell what one row means - and, of course, I can see how old it is.

But I can't do anything about it.

If I click on the 4-color hash, I'm asked if I want to display the PASSWORD in clear text, but this is also not very useful.

Instead, once I've decided if I want to update a login, it would be useful to have some help doing so. What would seem natural for me would be to have the name of the web-site LINKED - so that I could go to the web-site (where I can presumably change the password, which hopefully firefox will observe and ask me if it should "remember").

Further - in some cases I suspect I will not want to change the password, but instead erase it. If there were an easy way to do that, that would be a plus.

In other words, I imagine two use-cases for this extension: finding and changing some logins, and finding and deleting others. Neither use-case works - instead I can find old passwords logins - but then I can't do anything about them, once I've found them.

Unless, as I suspect, there's still more I'm missing here?