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  • Please, update to the last Firefox version.
  • Please make this theme better by making this theme compatible with FF 3.6 and above, and making the froward button green and make the tab close like Firefox 4 on windows,making the loading icon the default, don't forget to do these, if you want me to be happy. and people, please do not report this, sorry for any misspellings. loved it until i noticed that froward is gray, and not compatible with ff3.6 and above.
  • This theme was awesome when there will be update for Firefox 3.5 T_T ?
  • Genious, it works. Thank mate! :)
  • I couldn't wait for the update anymore,so i decided to do it myself.If anyone here would like to have this theme that works with FF3.5.This is what i did.1st i downloaded the theme using IE [as u know ff won't allow u to d/l coz the theme is for older version].The theme file came in as an extention fx [java],exract it by using winrar or winzip.You will see 2 rdf files named install and content Open the install rdf file by using notepad and edit from this
    to this
    save and close the file now.Go back to the fx file and open with winrar browser.Drag & drop the install rdf u just edited to replace the original install rdf.Open FF add on theme now,drag & drop the fx to install.Restart FF,U will again see this theme u love.If this is too complicated for u.You may download the fx file fr this link
    All uve to do now is just drop & drag the file to FF addon themes and install it.

  • Hi,
    I am using this theme from last 8(nearly) months.
    I really liked this theme.

    Now this theme doesn't supports firefox 3.5. I am eagerly waiting for the support of this theme for the latest version.

    Please update this theme as soon as possible.

    Again thanks for providing this simple and nice looking theme.
  • Beautiful!
  • seem all is fine to me.. nice loading effect and nice theme.. thank you..
  • Don't change it too much.Lets back to nature.
    Please make the forward button is green and close tab is red.
    By the way The Vista Nature is the best for me.
  • Not bad. There are, however, a couple of bugs that really need to be ironed out. I'm running Firefox 3.0.5 on Ubuntu 8.04, and I've noticed a couple of funny little quirks:

    1) Whenever the back button goes from grayed-out to green, that toolbar (the one with the buttons, the URL, etc.) vertically widens just a little, and it's supposed to stay at the same height throughout.

    2) Whenever I hover my mouse over the menubar items (File, Edit, View, etc.) or the menus that appear under them, the main menubar labels completely disappear. These need to be fixed, too.

    Also, as a matter of personal preference, I would prefer to see the forward button be green, just like the back button, and also to see the original yellow "home" icon, too. But that's just me and my preferences. Other than that, I like it. Just those little bugaboos that need to be corrected, and I think you'll have yourself a first-class theme. :-)
  • wow, really good job
  • einfach Klasse
  • Works perfectly on Windows and Linux (Ubuntu 8.10). Good job!
  • Do you think you could leave the loading icon in the tabs as the firefox3 default one, rather than changing it to one that spins round? Makes me dizzy. Thanks.
  • at least with Kubuntu 8.10 with KDE 4.1
    my only qualm is the "box" it seems to draw around the forward button that only appears when you can hit the back button. But that is the only one. :)
    I often wondered why Firefox 3 didn't look the same for Linux as it did for windows... and now I can have the aesthetics that I liked so well in the windows version safely in Linux. Thank you.
  • I like the colors in the skin, but the close tab buttons look grainy. This theme would look great combined with the tab colors from the Naver theme.
  • this looks nothing like the picture and runs terribly on Mac OSX. needs work.
  • Nice simple, I like the tab animations, good smooth theme, thanks.
  • Good looking skin, thanks!
    But. When button "back" is gray, its looks very good, when button "back" is green I see strange lines. (Checkbox "small icons is deactiveted") It's maybe to fix it?
    Thank you!
  • Looks sharp and fits with vista. Good job!
  • This is a nice theme, I like it.
  • Oh!wonderfull
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  • Ok why is it no one makes a Green Grey and black design?
    and in finding on it nolonger works cause of a 3.0-3.1 upgrade grrr srry to vent at u but thought it was about Green "nature" my bad.
  • this cool
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