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Love this download, however there is much to be desired... Could you include the "Glasser Pojo" add-on, this makes it look more like IE8. This history arrow (next to go back and go forward) is incorrect, the current page should have a check not a circle and there should be a "History" shortcut at the bottom. The quick tabs button should show an arrow (instead of bold) on the current web page that it is on. When you have two duplicate tabs open (with coloring "on"), and you move a NON-related tab in-between them, it gets colored too, even if you move it. Could any or all of these be fixed in future updates please? Thank you very much for making this great add-on! Other than that, I think you did a GREAT job with this add-on, nothing else can do a better job out there!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (