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  • It even worked nicely on linux. The best part was how it handled the bookmark menu. Please update for the latest firefox or hand off development to someone who can do it.
  • Please upgrade to version 14!
  • Хорошо подобрано сочетание цвета
  • Firefox 13 support requierd
  • Мне понравилось это дополнение т.к. у меня такая операционная система и это дополнение стандартного браузера Internet Explorer.
  • it's awesome & even better than the original IE 8, can u please update it to version 10 or u can At least put the IE8 Accelerator alone as an add-on please a lot of people well love it, believe me cause I'm one of them, thanks a lot for your effort, we appreciate.
  • It looks too much like Internet Explorer. It is not compatible with Firefox 8.
  • I loved this theme, but I don't think it's ever going to be updated for Firefox 4. I've found two extensions that do a decent job of replacing the right-click search functionality.

    https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/context-search/ is what I'm using now.

    http://twofoos.org/content/smartsearch/ looks promising also, but more complicated.

    Neither of the above has the floating dictionary that Vista-aero has, showing a dictionary definition without leaving the page you're on. And unfortunately Google dictionary that Vista-aero uses is no longer available, so it no longer works either.

    https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/cleeki-instant-search/ does do the floating dictionary, but all of its searches pop up in new mini-windows instead of into full tabs. I prefer the functionality of the other Context Search and SmartSearch extensions over Cleeki.
  • Well since its obvious that he isnt going to update this i just ended up kinda cloning this UI with the firefox UI editor....just right click on the bars and click customize...i made the tabs back on the bottom removed bookmarks toolbar put the shortcuts for bookmarks and history and plus tabs on the tab bar plus the Home page print rss downloads and tab group thing aswell....i downloaded the status bar addon that brings back the status bar and added the download and zoom in and out buttons to it...i know its hard to envision but it looks close to vista aero besides a few work arounds...also put a persona to bring back the color
  • Ok, so it seems that the original author is NOT going to update this theme for FF4+. Since this is FF, how come no one else who knows how to program has stepped up to plate to incorporate this into FF4???? I would do it, but I dont know how to program, yet we have all this open "source-ness" and a big community of people that ban together to put ideas together, which is how FF came into existence in the first place. How do we reach out to others in the community to advise that this theme should be continued? We have so many other options and different things we can do with FF, someone should be able to get on here and make this theme available.
    Im just sayin.........
  • Looks like the author may have abandoned this add-on. But if you want the accelerator functionality that it had, Cleeki is a good substitute.

  • I think he won't do it for firefox 4 .... so sad ,,
  • This is by far the best theme that I have found. I hope you will make it for the new 4.0 Firefox. And that it stays looking like IE8.
    Keep up the good work
  • plz plz the developer of this theme, update to FF4, this has been the best of the best theme for me since ages, plz update to FF4.
    thanx. in advance.
  • Hello, do you Think of making an update of your topic Vista Aéro for Mozilla Firefox 4.0? By advance thank you of your answer and for the realization of your theme.Salutations.Fred
  • I'd love to see this work for Firefox 4. It's the only reason I haven't upgraded to Firefox 4 yet.
  • I upgraded to Firefox 4 without realizing your vista theme wasn't compatible with it, so i reverted back to 3.6. That is how important your add-on is! So I'm impatiently waiting for your Firefox 4 compatible Version.
  • plz plz plz make it support for Firefox 4, we already wait very long time, now plz update it, im having a problems with 3.17 version i want use Firefox 4, but because only this add on can't use Firefox 4
  • maybe something happened?
    why the author keeps silent?
  • thank you for addon!!!
    still waiting ff4 support
  • R.I.P. Vista-aero!!
  • 请升级到Firefox 4!
    这个主题是我没有使用firefox 4的惟一原因
  • Please make support for Firefox 4.
    And where i can find myFireFox & Vista-aero Modifier ???
    I googled and only got dead link :(
    But, still nice theme
  • For the Firefox 4.0 users who missed the Vista-aero Theme, I replaced it with:

    - QSQ Theme


    Together with

    -Toolbar Buttons [https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/toolbar-buttons/]
  • i like (very :) ) much this theme rather for functionality than for appearence/look ;) (i dislike Vista/7-style looks :p Long live Royale! :D it and its mods best themes ever for Windows!)
    btw id like as reload/stop button to NOT be integrated in Address bar, id like to can move them back to original left side of Address bar