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  • please enable 4 firefox quantum
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  • Thanks for posting this, it works great! https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/15173-visited-lite
  • No funciona en mi Firefox 56.0.2 64bits

    Y Visited Lite tampoco me funciona.
    Important note for Firefox 57+:
    - Visited won't work. You can use Visited Lite.
  • Schade, dass es mit Quantum nicht kompatibel ist. Ich brauche aber unbedingt so etwas
  • Please Dev, please please please, update this to Firefox Quantum, please please please.
  • Le choix de la couleur est très utile et agréable. Pourquoi ne pas avoir mis à jour pour Firefox Quantum (57) ? C'est urgent !
  • I cannot get this to work. I've uninstalled it, and reinstalled it, but no luck. I don't know what I am doing wrong. Using Firefox 56.0. I know it is enabled because when I go into the options & change the color of links, I get a pop-up stating "config saved". But links just do not change color when I click on them. Any suggestions??
    More info and about Firefox 55+, please see Developer's Comments
  • Finally a reason to collect Your history and make it valuable for You, not random trackers. I owe this dev a beer!

    please add whitelist\blacklist mode
  • Great extension, very useful, but no longer works on 57.0. Any chance to get it back, Mr. Developer?

    P.S. I just wanted to let people to know that Violentmonkey+Visited lite works well enough in FF57. (Better something than nothing...)

    Visited won't work with some websites that use dynamic urls.
    You can check by hover some links and see each urls. You will notice that urls will be changed from time to time.

    Visited works by using your URL history. So It can't detect changed urls.
  • this appears to work when i set google as my default search engine. but it does not appear to work when i set yahoo as my default search engine.
    Visited won't work on Yahoo search page.
    Because Yahoo use redirect links from their search result.
    You can see a different from real link when you hover that.

    You should use some "clean link addons" to clean these urls.
    This will make Visited work again.
  • Why can't browsers give the user this option by default?
    It's quite difficult for many people to notice that subtle difference between blue and navy blue that the browser provides by default.
  • I found putting a lot of site exceptions on my browsing on the internet became slow & blocky. Disabling this add on returned me to normal. Wish I could just change the visited color in firefox but it doesnt work without changing the look of some websites.
  • Very nice & useful tool!
    But could you please reduce time for message-windows "mark/unmark visited links" to 1 or 2 seconds. Or let user setup the time. It would be more handy for me.
  • Excellent add-on, works perfectly.
  • Super
  • The default handling of visited links really annoyed me. After a lot of fruitless Google searching, I found out about this real simple & slick addon. Just what I wanted. Made my day, maybe my week !!!
  • Just what someone with red-green color deficiency needs. Can people with normal vision actually see the difference between non-visited and visited links using the default settings? They are virtually indistinguishable to me.
  • Thankyou so much!
    Now works on firefox 48.0.2
  • Dear 7-ELEPHANT team, plz update this addons for firefox 48.0.2
  • It seems project is dead. Isn't it? It is not! Great news!
    I'm back
  • With firefox v.47, that is. It was a very good tool, but why is it not embeded in Firefox, as it is in Internet Explorer? Why is it an add on?
  • Очень нужное дополнение!
  • While you're waiting try NoSquint Plus, it includes the same option.
  • I am colour blind and need high contrast colours. Much appreciated if it were fixed.