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Version 0.5.2 140.0 KiB Works with Firefox 2.0 - 2.0.0.*

* version 0.5.2
* changed semantics of :set[!] and :prefs[!] a little, :set shows now all non-default
options, use :prefs! to get the about:config window
* added "s" and "a" mappings to extended hints mode for saving hint targets
* "d", "D" and :bdelete support count now
* :back/:forward can use tabcompletion
* :undoall support, and tabcompletion for :undo
* new :redraw and Ctrl-L commands for forced redrawing of the screen
* added new 'laststatus' option and removed "s" value from 'guioptions'
* Tab-completion improvements for :javascript and :open
* IMPORTANT: changed semantics of :echo and :echoerr: Strings must be quoted with " or ' now,
but you can do things like :echo 3+2 or :echo window.document now
* statusline is now white on black with bold font by default (like in (g)vim)
(change with userChrome.css if you don't like it until we have :colorscheme)
* :let mapleader="," and in :map support
* added new :let and :unlet commands
* :b2 now allowed, no space required before the 2 anymore
* :! to run commands through system()
* separated search and Ex command history
* added 'visualbellstyle' for styling/hiding the visual bell
* merge the existing status bar with the standard FF status bar so that
security information and extension buttons are included
* :buffer partial_string works now as in vim, and with ! even better
* new :time command for profiling
* added new :sidebar and :sbclose commands
* added 'more' and standard more-prompt key mappings to control
behaviour of the message list pager
* added 'hlsearchstyle' option to allow for user CSS styling of the
highlighted text strings when 'hlsearch' is set
* added 'linksearch' option to restrict page searches to link text - \L
and \l can be used in the search pattern to override 'linksearch'
* vimperator trys to stay in command mode after loading pages instead
of having a text field focused
* added a visual bell and replaced 'beep' with 'visualbell'
* added vimperator logo (can be seen in the addons manager)
* added 'hlsearch','incsearch', 'ignorecase' and 'smartcase' options
* many small bug fixes and enhancments

Version 0.5.1 94.0 KiB Works with Firefox 2.0 - 2.0.0.*

* version 0.5.1
* native / and ? search and n and N working again
* the URL in the status line can be selected with the mouse again
* the Windows default RC file is now ~/_vimperatorrc and the plugin
directory is ~/vimperator/plugin
* commandline history now works properly on Windows
* filename completion now works on Windows
* the Bookmarks Toolbar Folder is now read when bookmarks are first
loaded - it was skipped entirely in the past
* fixed search for :open (previously needed to do :o ONCE to
initialize them)
* added :set {option}! support to toggle a boolean option's value
* added :set all and :set all& support to show the current value of all
options and to reset all options to their default value
* :tabmove! wrapping works again

Version 0.5 105.0 KiB Works with Firefox 2.0 - 2.0.0.*

* :bmarks and :history now use the multiline message window for output
* rename :bm, :bmadd, and :bmdel to :bmarks, :bmark, and :delbmarks respectively
* new :normal command
* the command line keeps focus now, even when clicking outside of it
*"2zi") support for scripts
* Ctrl-U/Ctrl-D for scrolling the window up/down and the associated
'scroll' option
* files in ~/.vimperator/plugin/ are auto-sourced
* :winopen support (multiple windows still very very experimental)
* 'activate' option implemented
* search engines which use POST instead of GET work now
* :javascript < green, broken sites -> red in the statusbar
* Vimperator now sets the window title, so it's " -
Vimperator" instead of " - Mozilla Firefox"
Use :set titlestring=... to change it back (help from Hannes Rist)
* :tabmove command (by Doug Kearns)
* 'showstatuslinks' option to control where/if we show the destination of
a hovered link
* :version! shows firefox version page
* hovered links appear in the command line again, not statusbar
* :help now opens in the current tab even for xhtml pages like "about:"
* hints work on xhtml pages now (you need to reset the 'hinttags' and
'extendedhinttags' settings with :set hinttags& and :set extendedhinttags&)
* :set option& resets the option to the default value
* added :tabonly and :tabrewind and :tablast commands and some futher aliases :tabNext, etc. (by Doug Kearns)
* added vimparator.vim for .vimperatorrc syntax highlighting in the XPI (by Doug Kearns)
* Added keyword support for bookmarks to the :[tab]open commands
* many small bug fixes and enhancements