Vimperator Version History

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Version 3.16.0 454.5 KiB Works with Firefox 38.0 - 56.*

* add option 'newtaburl' to set default URL in new tabs
* fix loading the tabs module
* update max version
* add help for statuslinevisiblity
* extend Makefile for signing
* fixes and refactors in hints module
* showtexthints option
* delete trailing whitespace
* cleanup SVG files
* add ssl by default to statusline
* fix 'make xpi'
* fix :jumps
* fix <P> by initializing nsITransferable before usage
* remove uriIsPrefix, unsupported

Version 3.15.0 454.6 KiB Works with Firefox 38.0 - 47.0

* update and fix css related issues
* fix some mispellings
* fix command prompt selection getting cleared
* remove asciidoc.conf and regressions.js
* use sanitizer based on version
* fix shift-insert on linux
* honor hlsearch on n/N
* fix typeerror on :abclear
* fix smart completions on fx 49
* removed unused css
* change option from 'previouspattern' to 'prevpattern'. The old 'previouspattern' still works.
* canonicalize commandline history during matching
* fix alphabetic ordering of some doc items and add :dialog items
* add autocompletion for about:* urls
* fix `[[` with "preview" buttons

Version 3.14.0 677.2 KiB Works with Firefox 38.0 - 56.*

* @gkatsev removed usage of FUEL Application variable
* @gineadai deleted deprecated template code
* changed bracket notation to dotnotation in a lot of places
* @gkatsev removed unnecessary iterator loop in history.get
* removed unnecessary semicolons
* @Quicksaver updated tabgroups with some notes and updates for Tab Groups 2 support

This includes support for Firefox 47.

Version 3.13.1 683.0 KiB Works with Firefox 38.0 - 47.0

* @sirzerator fixed a typoeerror triggered in completion.js
* @gineadai fixed a highlight typo

Version 3.13.0 688.6 KiB Works with Firefox 38.0 - 47.0

* @reepush changed all array and generator comprehensions to iterators and standards compliant javascript thus making vimeprator work with firefox 46
* @amlitzer made iabbr work in contenteditable text boxes
* @amlitzer add *PluginsLoadPost* autocmd event
* @timss Split Vimperator syntax highlighting to seperate repo:
* @pale3 add mapping <S-Insert> for pasting from clipboard or primary selection. This action is operating system dependent. On linux it will paste from primary selection, but on other systems it will paste from clipboard. For reverting to old style, use example in :h <S-Insert>

Version 3.12.0 669.1 KiB Works with Firefox 38.0 - 46.*

* @kmorihiro fixed background color theming for statusline
* @kmorihiro fixed broken (hidden) hints
* @gkatsev fixed some validator warnings
* @quicksaver various findbar fixes
* @quicksaver various tabview fixes for firefox 45
* @mnphnic expose some properies globally that were hidden because of const/let transition
* @SammysHP added a statuslinevisibility option. Also called slv.
The three options are `auto`, `visible`, and `hidden`.
The setVisibility method can take an enum of UPDATE, SHOW, HIDE, or TOGGLE, where toggle switches between all modes.
* @quicksaver updated findbar to remember searches globally
* @mnphnic make some globally exposed properties enumerable

Version 3.11.3 667.7 KiB Works with Firefox 38.0 - 44.0

* Expose Buffer constructor
* Fix scrolling on some pages with gg/G/C-d/C-u
* Make sure to get latest content separator in setVisibility
* Expose Command constructor

Version 3.11.2 667.5 KiB Works with Firefox 38.0 - 44.0

Version 665.4 KiB Works with Firefox 38.0 - 44.0

* Version 3.10
* Keeping the lights on with support for Aurora and Nightly builds of firefox.
* Bump up minimum version to current ESR release of firefox (version 38).
* Max version is 44.
* First release by @gkatsev
* Keep default Firefox mapping of <PageDown>, <PageUp>, <Left>, <Right>,
<Up>, <Down>, <Home> and <End>.
This is done to (a) allow default Firefox smooth scrolling and (b) to
easily allow web pages to override these keys as they are often done
for <Left>/<Right> for navigating image galleries
* Add ';#', an extended hint mode for yanking the anchor URL of an element
(the URL of the page with the fragment set to the element's 'id' or
'name' attribute)
* Firefox compatibility fixes

Version 3.9.1-signed 664.7 KiB Works with Firefox 27.0 - 36.*

2015-02-15: Missed Valentine's day
* Version 3.9
* We don't override <S-Insert> in textboxes anymore, so it does the default
action (which is pasting the clipboard). For Windows and Mac users, this doesn't
change anything. For Linux, this means it pasts the clipboard instead of the X11
selection, but that's actually also the default for most GUI apps on Linux nowadays.
On the other hand, it also fixes an annying bug where the first completion stayed
active when using <S-Insert> in the command line.
* Finally remove local file completions from the :open prompt which causes lots of problems (and
slowdowns) for many people. If you want them back, use :set complete=slf
to get back the old default value.
* Make <Ctrl-[> key always behave like <Esc> key (was missing from the command line handler)
* Add support for :set hintmatching=fuzzy as a new, alternative way for hintmatching.
* Don't display help message in command line for a normal click.
* Keep search history and command line history private in 'Private Browsing' mode (also remove
old, unused 'private' option)
* Fix set encoding= for new Firefoxs (thanks Genki-S)

Version 579.3 KiB Works with Firefox 27.0 - 36.*

* Version 3.8.3
* Many compatibility fixes with new Firefox versions (up to Firefox 35)
* Rewrite Makefile so it works on MacOS, also to not include any unwanted files
* Only show "Executing Autocommand ..." message on verbose level >= 9
* :set encoding= completion works again on Firefox >= 32.
* Push minVersion to Firefox25, as we have some problems on older Firefoxs regarding search
* Make 'gH' command work with multiple home pages
* Don't prompt user for confirmation when 'delbmarks!' command is invoked in silent mode

Version 582.3 KiB Works with Firefox 17.0 - 31.*

2014-02-14: A Valentine's gift
* Version 3.8.2
* Fix search for Firefox 27
* When you copy the URL with y, copy it as-is with only space encoded as %20
* Fix :downloads for new Firefoxs (thanks sven)
* Add 'yankencodedurl' option, so you can get the old behavior to encode any
any non-ASCII character with the encoded character

Version 581.8 KiB Works with Firefox 17.0 - 27.*

* version 3.8.1
* Fix arrow keys in menus
* change minVersion to 17.0

Version 3.8.1-signed 581.7 KiB Works with Firefox 17.0 - 26.0

* version 3.8
* Many fixes for Firefox 25 (search and alternate tabs were broken)
* :tabattach works correctly now
* liberator.log() fixes
* Add "ssl" field shows SSL connection icon to "status" option (default: off)
* Tabs count and it's index in status-line are changed to the current group's tabs count and it's index.
* Fixed "TypeError: elem is null" error when scrolling while the page is being loaded
* General bug fixing
* Set maxVersion to Firefox 26 as we fixed many compatibility issues

Version 579.7 KiB Works with Firefox 17.0 - 24.*

* version 3.7.1
* Firefox 21 compatibility (Fix :dialog import)

Version 3.7.1-signed 579.3 KiB Works with Firefox 17.0 - 20.0

2013-04-03: It's not an April's fool (Part II)
* version 3.7
* Fix :preferences and some :dialog commands for recent Firefoxs
* Compatibility fixes for Firefox 20
* Make sure :dialog addons really opens a dialog instead of a tab
* add -private option to :winopen and :window for Firefox 20+ PrivateBrowsing-per-window
* Pushed minVersion to Firefox 17
* Clear command history after returning from private browsing

Version 579.3 KiB Works with Firefox 13.0 - 19.*

2012-12-24: A christmas present
* version 3.6
* Replace E4X, as it's been removed from Firefox 18+
* Show confirmation prompt again when opening more than 20 URLs or issuing
'delbmarks!' or 'set! all&' commands
* Fix search result highlighting for duplicate or overlapping search terms

Version 3.5.1-signed 570.0 KiB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 15.*

* version 3.5
* Firefox 13-15 compatibility fixes
* Add :ignorekeys meta command to handle web pages which want to handle key input themselves
rather than Vimperator taking over all the keys (useful for apps like gmail)
* Make hlsearch the default search highlighting option
and use Firefox's native method
* add -folder option to :bmark command.
* :open and :tabopen without arguments open about:newtab (see :set! browser.newtab.url)
* Fix unmappable key "-". (Use \- or '-' or "-")
* support command-count from map
* support yank the selection on MOW by 'Y'
* Many small other fixes

Version 3.4.1-signed 606.0 KiB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 12.*

2012-04-02: It's not an April's fool
* version 3.4
* Fixed a mem leak when closing tabs
* Scrolling some divs failed previously when using "j". Should work now. Thanks dom.lobue
* hinttags fixes for gmail and other apps
* Pressing Tab works correctly in hint mode when the list of hints has been filtered
* Search history is accessible again
* Display correct status messages when a text search reaches either end of the buffer
* Url links in :jump list are clickable again
* Gracefully handle unescaped regex characters in 'urlseparator' option
* :sanitize now respects timespan values
* add '-select' option to :tabclose command for specifiying which tab is selected after closing the current one
* Deleting local marks with :delmarks[!] command is working now
* Editing password fields with the external editor works again (thanks Gianni)

Version 3.3.1-signed 592.0 KiB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 11.*

* version 3.3
* Firefox 8 and 9 compatibility fixes
* Reworked mode message handling. The mode message can be shown simultaneoulsy with other messages now. Also changed the visual display of a mode.
* Single line message output with :echo are shown again

Version 3.2.1-signed 575.0 KiB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 8.*

* version 3.2
* Compatibility fixes for Firefox 5.x and 6.x. Also bumped maxVersion accordingly
* Make search more reliable
* Reworked mode handling a bit. While in the end this will be much
cleaner, it might have some regressions. Please report!
* Better logging: :messages is now the main location for any informative
but also error messages (apart from a few very early loading errors,
which are still dump'ed to the console since the :messages mechanism
might be broken/unavailable in this case).
Also show StackTraces on internal errors to faciliate debugging
* More consistent messages after (un)successful commands
* Remove CSS hack to get rid of tab scrolling when you have many tabs because some
users complained about this change. If you want to allow your tabs to shrink
as much as possible, but this into your .vimperatorrc file:
:js styles.addSheet(false, "mintabwidth", "chrome://*", ".tabbrowser-tab[fadein]:not([pinned]) { min-width: 16px !important; } .scrollbutton-up, .scrollbutton-down { display:none; }");
This could make a nice vimperator plugin with a :set mintabwith=... option.
* The heart indiciator for bookmarked pages also shows the correct
state now when hovering over a link
* Many small bug fixes

Version 3.1.1-signed 568.0 KiB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 4.2a1pre

2011-04-21: "The Return Of Copy And Paste"
* version 3.1
* IMPORTANT: PASSTHROUGH mode has been reworked. Press 'i' to ignore a single
key, and "Shift-Esc" or "Insert" to toggle vimperator completely.
* IMPORTANT: Ctrl-c/x/v/z do their expected thing now. We managed that by just
reshuffling some commands.
* IMPORTANT: CARET mode is now activated with 'c' instead of 'i'
* IMPORTANT: :viusage, :exusage and :optionusage (and the manually created
index of all commands in the helpfile) have been replaced by a single
:usage command.
* IMPORTANT: The multiline output has been reworked to make it more
clearer in which mode you are. This means, that while 'more' is the new
default, you have to explicitly close the output window with Esc or 'q'. This
has the advantage that you never have to guess if the next key like 'j' is
sent to the output window or to the page in case you are at the end of the output.
Therefore, also the 'more' option has been removed.
* Add 'animations' option to globablly decide if you want the animations
in our UI or not. NOTE: Not yet fully implemented for all animations.
* Slight changes in how the completion and command output list is graphically displayed
* Readded 'bookmark' and 'history' to the 'status' option to get the old
information about bookmark state and back/forward possibilities from Vimperator 2.x
Thanks lolilolicon.
* Vimperator's command line is now a fully supported toolbar. This means you
can just right click it, select "Customize", and drag'n drop any
items in the command line like the combined back/forward button and
get rid of the default address bar. Thanks caisui for the patch!
* Boolean options can now also be set with :set option=true/false
* Error messages have more consistent wording now, also got rid of Exxx error
codes, as we never supported those in the help files anyway.
* Vimperator works around Firefox's tab scrolling now. So the minimum
tab width is now just 16px anymore, and you are much more unlikely to
see scrollbars in the tab bar.
* No longer show the command after executing an ex command. Just
fade out quickly now and make room for the status items.
* Add 'apptab' option for pin/unpin the current tab.
* Add 'messagetimeout' option to automatically hide messages after a timeout
* :tabclose! behavior is changed: Instead of focusing left tab, force closing
of a tab - even if it is an AppTab.
* Bug fixes

Version 3.0.1-signed 561.0 KiB Works with Firefox 4.0b8pre - 4.0.*

* version 3.0
* IMPORTANT: The statusbar and command line have been merged in a single row as also Firefox 4 hides the statusbar by default now
* IMPORTANT: By default, we don't change Firefox's default UI anymore! This was done since Firefox 4 has indeed a very minimal GUI and the Firefox navigation toolbar (with small icons) uses hardly more space than our old status line, but provides so much more (easy bookmarking, better security information, ...)
* IMPORTANT: 'guioptions' and 'showtabline' have been removed in favor of 'toolbars', 'scrollbars' and 'tabnumbers' options!
* IMPORTANT: Removed 'laststatus' option but add a 'status' option in contrast to decide which elements are shown in the new style status bar
* IMPORTANT: Support for configurable hint characters; This basically brings back the old hint behavior for those who prefer it. See the 'hintchars' option. Patch by caisui
* IMPORTANT: 'wildoptions' option was removed. Completions are sorted automatically now, and 'autocomplete' is the new option for the removed 'wildoptions=auto'
* IMPORTANT: We automatically list completions as you type now. If you have a slow computer, you might want to :set noautocomplete
* IMPORTANT: Tab numbers can now be set with :set [no]tabnumbers. Also made them work much more reliable in Firefox4 - especially in combination with other tab related addons like TabMixPlus
* IMPORTANT: We do not beep on unrecognized mappings anymore, to make it easier to just use Firefox mappings if the user wants them
* IMPORTANT: Removed :redraw and Ctrl-l as it just doesn't make sense to have that feature
* IMPORTANT: 'jsdebugger' option was removed, as JS completion should work much better out of the box now.
* IMPORTANT: Remove :toolbaropen, :toolbarclose and :toolbartoggle, as toolbars are now managed with the 'toolbars' option
* Full Panorama support: :tabgroups can be used to deal with tab groups.
* Add 'smallicons' option (default=true) to set small toolbar icons
* Add 'g@' mapping for switching to an app tab.
* Add '<C-S-n>' and '<C-S-p>' mappings for switching to the next / previous tab group.
* Support for sub commands.
* Added :set toolbars=addons to allow toggling of the addon-bar. Thanks garbas
* Fixed :open sometimes selecting the wrong entry when autocompletions were turned on and the user quickly pressed Tab.
* Many small fixes for Firefox4 changes
* Lots of restyled content and changed colors (like InfoMsg and ModeMsg)
* gu works now better for urls with anchors and GET arguments (like
* :bmarks and :history commands support multiple space separated filter entries and match them on both URL and title. Multi filter highlighting for results in the URL and title fields.
* remove "URL (additional)" entries from the search results. Only list urls which match either the url or description
* :bmarks -k[eyword] to search bookmarks by a keyword
* Pressing Escape now clears any previous command output. Scrolling the web page, however, does NOT not clear it anymore (as it used to do)
* History, bookmarks and :open output limit the width of the URL column to 50% so you can always see (and interact with hints) the title column as well
* Better escape certain characters when yanking links to improve pasting in other applications
* :dialog passwords
* Fix hints display on some pages like stackoverflow (thanks Jez)
* Fix relative paths in :cd
* Support rich text editor written by HTML.
* Strings starting with a "." are no longer treated as urls by :open
* add *-javascript* flag to [c]:abbreviate[c], [c]:iabbrev[c] and [c]:cabbrev[c].
* :history -remove , remove history items by name/tags/url (only by date with :sanitize).
* Add image-related hint modes: [m];x[m] for title/alt text, and [m];S[m] and [m];A[m] for saving.
* Image hints now work on anything with a *src* tag.
* Enable 'hinttags' and 'extendedhinttags' to setlocal
* Removed :help version as it wasn't maintained anymore, and added quite a lot of size to the XPI. Users interested in changes can read the Release Notes on the homepage.
* Various other bug fixing and refinement

Version 2.3.1 559.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.5 - 3.6.*

* version 2.3.1
* Fix a problem in the XPI which caused problems for some users
* gH should work with multiple homepages
* fix 'activate' option for some values

Version 2.2 695.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.5 - 3.6.*

* IMPORTANT: Vimperator's licence has changed from the MPL/GPL/LGPL tri-license
to the MIT license.
* IMPORTANT: Map.flags has been replaced with individual properties. Mappings
defined in plugins with mappings.add will need to be updated.

{ flags: Mappings.flags.ARGUMENT |
Mappings.flags.COUNT |
Mappings.flags.MOTION |
Mappings.flags.ALLOW_EVENT_ROUTING });
is now
{ arg: true, count: true, motion: true, route: true });

* IMPORTANT: shifted key notation now matches Vim's behaviour. E.g. and
are equivalent, to map the uppercase character use . (this might
change again, as this is REALLY inconsistent, and i don't know if I like
copying bugs)
* IMPORTANT: 'popups' now takes a stringlist rather than a number.
* add :winonly
* add :tabattach
* add :keepalt
* add :styledisable, :styleenable, and :styletoggle
* add :sanitize, 'sanitizetimespan' and 'sanitizeitems'
* add :verbose
* add :window to run a command in a new window
* add ! version of :delbmarks to delete all bookmarks
* add :toolbaropen, :toolbarclose, and :toolbartoggle
* make :open behavior match that of :tabopen and :winopen when no argument is
* add extension related commands - :extadd, :extdelete, :extdisable,
:extenable, :extensions, :extoptions
* add -javascript flag to :autocommand
* add 'private' - enter private browsing mode, matching PrivateMode autocommand
* add -description option to :command
* command-line options are now supported via the host application's -vimperator
* add ;i and ;I for opening image location (in new tab)
* add all.html to show all help sections in a single page - available via
* add ;c extended hint mode - open the context menu
* add @: mapping - repeat the last Ex command
* add | mapping - toggle between rendered and source view

Version 2.1 393.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.0 - 3.6a1pre

* version 2.1
* IMPORTANT: Default value of 'complete' has been changed from 'sfl' to 'slf'
* massively speed up :open completions
* TabMixPlus (and other tab extensions) should work much better now
together with Vimperator unless you :set guioptions+=[nN]
* remove 'preload' option. You can fake it by some custom javascript in your init file
* add :frameonly
* add :stopall
* add :tabdo
* add 'encoding'
* add 'hintinputs'
* add :silent
* add ' and " local marks
* add "w" and "W" Normal mode mappings for symmetry with o/O and t/T
* add :messclear
* add 'maxitems'
* as usual many small bug fixes

Version 2.0 378.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.0 - 3.6a1pre

* version 2.0
* IMPORTANT: For compatibility with vim, guioptions=b has been renamed
'B'. 'b' now represents the bottom scrollbar.
* IMPORTANT: :set now sets multiple options, as in Vim. Spaces in values
must be quoted or escaped.
* IMPORTANT: Due to much improved autocompletion, changed default 'complete' option
value to 'sfl', listing intelligent Firefox location bar results. Removed possibility
to use 'h' in 'complete'.
* IMPORTANT: AlwaysHint mode with ;F mode changed the semantics slightly.
* IMPORTANT: command actions now take an args object, returned from
commands.parseArgs, as their first argument. This will break any commands
not using the args parser explicitly. The old string value is now
available via args.string.
* IMPORTANT: 'verbose' is now used for message levels. Logging is
controlled by the extensions.liberator.loglevel preference.
* IMPORTANT: :viusage and :exusage now jump to the help index, use the
special versions for the old behavior.
* IMPORTANT: renamed Startup and Quit autocmd events to VimperatorEnter and
VimperatorLeave respectively.
* IMPORTANT: 'verbose' is now by default at 1, set to 0 to not show any status messages.
* IMPORTANT: $VIMPERATOR_HOME is no longer used.

* Selecting an with hints now causes the commandline to prompt
for file input (instead of doing nothing).
* [count] now goes to the [count]th next tab rather than the [count]th tab.
* add ~/.vimperator/info/{profile}/, similar to viminfo
* :hardcopy now supports output redirection to a file on Unix and MacUnix
* add ";f" extended hint mode to focus a frame
* add "r", "l", and "b" to 'guioptions' to toggle the scrollbars.
* remove spaces and newlines when open urls starting with http:// or similar
before :o http://linux .com would search for http://linux and for .com, now
it just opens Also handy when pasting broken urls with p or P.
* add 'wildcase' option
* 'linkbgcolor', 'linkfgcolor', ... have been replaced with highlight
groups, HintElem and HintActive
* new 'followhints' option
* :buffers supports a filter now to only list buffers matching filter (vim
incompatible, but consistent with other commands)
* Favicon support in many places
* add 'Fullscreen' autocommmand
* add :colorscheme
* multibyte support for hints (thanks Xie&Tian)
* add 'exrc'
* add 'errorbells'
* add shell command completion for :!
* add :map to prevent a mapping from being echoed
* add guioptions=nN to number tabs
* add :loadplugins command
* add . mapping
* add N% normal mode command
* add interpolation for items such as to autocommands
* add -nargs, -complete, -bang, and -count attribute support to :command
* much improved completion support, including javascript, option, and search keyword
* add / and / command-line mappings for
selecting the previous and next history items
* remove 'hintstyle', 'hlsearchstyle', 't_vb' and 'visualbellstyle' - use
:highlight {Hint,Search,Bell}
* add :highlight
* add :optionusage
* add :doautocmd and :doautoall
* add :style and :delstyle commands, allow :so to source stylesheets
* add DOMLoad autocmd event
* add :messages and 'messages'
* add :runtime
* add 'runtimepath'
* allow ; hints to work in the multiline output widget
* add :scriptnames
* add commandline completion to 'activate', 'cpt', 'defsearch', 'pageinfo',
'newtab' and 'popups'
* add 'helpfile' option
* add 'wildignore' option
* add :finish command
* new events BookmarkAdd, ShellCmdPost, VimperatorLeavePre, DownloadPost
* add 'cdpath' option
* allow :dialog to open the cookies manager
* add 'loadplugins' option
* add count support to C-^ (Kazuo)
* add 'eventignore' option
* add :tabdetach command
* new ;b extended hint mode (thanks Daniel Schaffrath)
* :qa! and :q! quit forcefully, as in vim
* stop macro playback on
* :bmark now updates a bookmark, if possible. :bmark! adds a new one
* :dialog and :sidebar arguments are now case-insensitive
* many bug fixes

Version 1.2 244.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.0 - 3.1a2pre

* version 1.2
* IMPORTANT: changed :command to behave like Vim's version.
Eg. An alert command specified previously as
:command AlertMe alert(args)
should now be defined as
:command AlertMe :js alert()
* IMPORTANT: changed (again) the default keybinding to temporarily disable all
Vimperator keybindings from ctrl-q to ctrl-z since many users complained
about hitting ctrl-q twice and exiting vimperator
* IMPORTANT: removed old :buffers! buffer window, as it was ugly and slightly broken
use "B" or :buffers instead
* IMPORTANT: input fields are not blured anymore by default after a page has loaded
use :set [no]focuscontent to control the behavior (thanks Paul Sobey for the
generous donation which made this behavior possible)
* IMPORTANT: ctrl-x/a never take possible negative URLs into account, it was just
too unpredictable
* performance fix by using cached history, should save about 5ms on each pageload
* add :emenu for accessing the Firefox main menu items from the command line
* add 'shell' and 'shellcmdflag' options
* :tabprevious, :bprevious, :tabnext, :bnext and friends now accept a prefix count
* add :comclear and :delcommand
* add a special version to :hardcopy to skip the Print dialog
* add :bl[ast], :bf[irst], :br[ewind] to go to first/last tab
* add :bn[ext], :bp[revious], :bN[ext] to switch to next/previous tab
* add :pagestyle command to allow for switching between alternate style sheets
* add :b# to select the alternate buffer
* add :tabduplicate command
* new 'urlseparator' option for specifying the regexp used to split the arg to
:open, :tabopen and :winopen
* :set editor now accepts quoting/escaping to use an editor with spaces in the path
* support for :%foo as a count for commands (not yet widely used)
* show informative message when a background tab was loaded, especially useful
with a hidden tab bar.
* new "l" flag for 'complete' to reuse the Firefox awesome bar for getting better
completions for :open. Works only when 'wildoptions' contains "auto" and can
be a little buggy if you are typing too fast.
* new wildoptions=auto option (default off for now), to automatically list
completions without the need to press the tab key
* new argument parser for ex commands, should tell better error messages when
you do things like :bmark -tag=a,b instead of :bmark -tags=a,b
* some option values can be tab-completed now; e.g., :set wim=
* :bdelete accepts an optional argument now
* renamed some :autocmd, mainly BrowserStartup -> Startup and BrowserExit -> Quit
* don't pass certain keys like ctrl-o or ctrl-n to firefox in insert mode
* keywords in :open have higher priority than local files now
* add :set online to control the "work offline" menu item
* add :jumps command to list current tab's history
* add :setlocal & :setglobal commands, so options can be local (per tab) & global
* many small bug fixes

Version 1.1 213.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.0b3 - 3.0.*

* version 1.1
* IMPORTANT: security update for suggest engines
* try to add .exe automatically to filenames on windows, so :set editor=gvim -f
will automatically invoke gvim.exe (if it's in the path). Thanks to
Guido Van Hoecke
* readded visualbellstyle (thanks mauke)
* new popups=4 option
* many bug fixes as usual

Version 0.5.3 118.0 KiB Works with Firefox 2.0 - 2.0.0.*

* IMPORTANT! options are no longer automatically stored - use the
~/.vimperatorrc file instead for persistent options
* :tabnext and :tabprevious now accept an argument
* the count to gT now specifies a relative tab motion like Vim
* new :pa[geinfo] command, and ctrl-g and g,ctrl-g mappings (thanks Marco Candrian)
* added new :mkvimperatorrc command
* remove :redraw and Ctrl-L commands as they rely on FF3 features
* :ls, :history and :bmarks output is now hyperlinked
* new gb and gB mappings to repeat the last :buffer[!] command,
* :q doesn't close the whole browser, if there are more than one windows
* new :winclose command
* b calls :buffer! now instead of :buffer
* [+], [-] and [+-] in the statusline, whether we can go back, forward, or both
* :set showtabline now finally works as expected for all values
* many other small bug fixes