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  • The best tool for keybord navigation, sometimes I even forgot I have a mouse!
    I hope that you guys can port it to FF57!
    Thank you!

  • I really need it to be ported to the latest ff version. It's the best addon of its kind I've encountered so far.


  • I've been using similar addons for years. Switched to VimFx because it simply does what it is supposed to; allows me to poweruse ff.

  • Nice!

  • Thanks for adding useful hotkeys (like opening context menu, go back list and opening browser elements).

  • ...and browse the internet

  • Easy to use, unobtrusive, does one thing and does it well.

    No harm in giving it a try; installation happens on-the-fly (no Firefox restart required).

    If you're like me and don't know vi, but have wrist problems from using the mouse from 9 to 5:
    Just hitting "f" to open a link helps a lot.

    @Developers: How can we donate to you guys?

  • Always my favoriate for vim-style browsering.

  • Even if I wasn't just looking for a way to smugly use Vim hotkeys and commands in Firefox, Vimfx would be a great addon. It legitimately allows me to more comfortably and efficiently use Firefox.

    It's so well put together and polished. Probably the only addon I've ever installed where I wasn't thinking of ways it could be improved while using it.

    This little addon might just force me to switch to Firefox ESR.

  • VimFX permits a smart navigation.
    Sad to know it will be not available in future versions of Firefox (this addon will be incompatible).

  • Excellent!

  • I've tried a number of different add-ons over the years to get keyboard shortcuts for switching between tabs. The best I'd come across was SwiftTabs, but this is no longer being developed, and isn't e10s/multiprocess-compatible.

    Two things in particular make VimFx ideal for my purposes:
    * it doesn't change anything about Firefox apart from keyboard shortcuts (unlike other shortcut-related add-ons, such as Advanced Tab Navigation, which also have the side effect of altering things like the placement of new tabs, even if you turn off all their options)
    * it is highly customisable -- for example, I don't actually want vim-like shortcuts (much as I'm happy with them in vim itself, I prefer other shortcuts in other software :-)), and so I can configure VimFx to use exactly the kinds of shortcuts I want in the way I want to use them (e.g with '' so text input focus doesn't get in the way)

    Bonus points too for detailed and useful documentation on the GitHub site, which makes it easy to understand exactly how to set it up the way I want it to be. At the moment, I'm only using VimFx for tab-related shortcuts, but it has such a comprehensive range of options that I could certainly see myself gradually making use of it in other areas in the future.

    Highly recommended!

  • Tried all other, none was as good as Vimium on Chrome. Even Vimium on firefox is lame.


  • Was searching for something that allows to use entire page without mouse and this one is certainly among the best options here! Thank you!

  • Having recently switched from chrome to firefox, this plugin is replacing cVim/SurfingKeys for me. Overall I've found it to surpass both in terms of snappiness and reliabilty. If I could name one possible improvement it would be to not have the stutter at the start when holding down j but I mainly use d anyway so not really a problem for me.

  • Cool thing!

    It would be even more cooler to add "b" and "f" *by default* alongside with space and shift-space for full page up/down scrolling :-)

  • It elevates my experience in a large part, thanks a lot! Would be better if it integrates "disable ff's orginal shortcut" feature

  • Using it for a few days. I can't find a thing I don't like. Works exactly as it should. I recommend this addon.

  • Very easy to use.

  • 用了这个以后,提高了上网办事的效率,很好用。

  • This is great add-on, it really work for me. Thanks!

  • Now we are unable to use this in Firefox 57. Please update it so that it can be used in this latest version of Firefox.

  • As described in release notes, VimFx has a gentle learning curve that nonetheless packs a lot of speed and power. I also like that Firefox shortcuts are preserved when possible.

    While I don't code in Vim full -time, I know my way around and those skills transferred nicely. Hadn't used VimFx before, specifically, but a change of office layout left me looking at keyboard-only browsing options...

    This works very well! So well in fact, that one of the first things I did was to *mouselessly* shoot on over here to throw up a rating...

  • Thank you! Great job!
    Was looking for such add-on for a while now. It should be rated higher in mozilla/google search