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  • 嗯,最好用的键盘浏览插件,没有之一。
    自定义方便,FireFox 56.02版本只能配合vimfx 0.20.12才好用。
    the leatest version is not compatible with firefox 56.02, but vimfx 0.20.12 is compatible .
  • can't work well at firefox 56.02
  • Cool!
  • If I don't have you, I will be dead! So, I will reinstall centos 7 from fedora 27 today.
    Thank you very much, VimFx!
  • 这个真的好用的,为什么不更新啊
  • I am very pleased with this add-on. It is the only one that actually does what it claims, with extended support for user customization!

    Sadly as I read your post: https://github.com/akhodakivskiy/VimFx/issues/860 I saw that you are discontinuing the extension.

    Wish you the best in your feature endeavors!
  • Please update it! We need it deadly!!! 很好用的插件,麻烦升级下哦,不胜感激!
  • this add-on can't be used in firefox 57, so I reinstall my firefox 56
  • Please update it! We need it deadly!!!
  • This is the best vim extension for Firefox.
  • It's the best addon I have used,please update it!tks
  • Core to my firefox experience, this is really the best addon out there! Please update it to work with FF Quantum!
  • best add-on I've ever used on Firefox, please update it.....
  • The sole reason I use Firefox is for VimFx and caret mode!!!
    I'm changing my browser where VimFx is available!
  • This is one of the best AddOns available for Firefox. Please port it to the new Firefox.
  • Best keyboard navigation add-on not only on Firefox, but will you make it compatible to version 57?
  • Firefox 57 need upgrade VimFx ,please!
  • Thanks for this extension, it makes a usable browser from firefox!

    Would be cool if one could set some commands to use in the URL bar, like set custom commands to open certain websites, so one didn't need to mess with the bookmarks. Just like in qutebrowser.
  • This addon made my life more easier
  • I've switched to Firefox Nightly, and find replacements for most of addons I'm using, but not this one. Saka key needs improvements to do things nicely (like guess which links I'm going to, or which element to scroll). More importantly, Saka Key doesn't work with jar: and file:. So I've returned back and enabled legacy addons.
  • I couldn't live without it.
  • Was just on my way over to make a donation and see that development has stopped. Ho hum.
  • Please port it to the newest ff version. Please
  • Whenever I use a browser that doesn't support this utility, I immediately feel uncomfortable, and go immediately back to my beloved firefox with vimfx
  • It would be even greater if we can Excluded URLs for just certain keys.