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  • wer mit vi/vim arbeitet kommt um diese Erweiterung nicht herum. Endlich Finger weg von der Maus, schnelles Arbeiten am Browser.
    Ausdrückliche Empfehlung.
  • it will be perfect if the UI can be customized.
  • Awesome plug in. Works out of the box but can be customized. Works in firefox mobile
  • Great extension. It would be nice to have a list of extensions where the extension is off by default. For example YouTube ---> It overlaps with the video shorcuts.
  • Je l'ai trouvé beaucoup plus performante que son équivalent cVim sur Chromium, définitivement je crois que je vais switcher.
  • If you're used to using Vim, this add makes switching to web browsing very natural.
  • Covers all the important features I need and doesn't try to be a complete alternate interface to every browser feature, resulting in a low learning curve. Configuration is very straightforward although JSON may seem a bit daunting at first.
  • Can we have a block list that we can add sites to not use Vim Vixen? For example youtube.com/watch.* , since youtube shortcut keys j,k,l overlap with Vim navigation. (Updated: oops, this is already supported :+1:)
  • This is all pretty useless without the ability to:
    - have a cursor;
    - search text;
    - select text;
    - copy text;
    - right click menu;
    - bookmark;
    - ...

    I really don't see how moving the window is useful, if I still need to reach for my mouse every time I need to do anything. -- On top of that it doesn't really work, because the shortcuts collide with the pages shortcuts. If I do `f` I need to type `CA` well no I can't, because Reddit binds `C` to opening a menu.
  • I'm a emacs user, actually I don't use vim to edit some text. But I have to say I'm surprised that this vim firefox-addon with so many users, while Emacs key-binding addon is so poor. At last, I like this add-on.
  • Joss
  • Awesome Plugin !! Thank you for your Great Job :)