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  • Can we have a block list that we can add sites to not use Vim Vixen? For example youtube.com/watch.* , since youtube shortcut keys j,k,l overlap with Vim navigation. (Updated: oops, this is already supported :+1:)
  • This is all pretty useless without the ability to:
    - have a cursor;
    - search text;
    - select text;
    - copy text;
    - right click menu;
    - bookmark;
    - ...

    I really don't see how moving the window is useful, if I still need to reach for my mouse every time I need to do anything. -- On top of that it doesn't really work, because the shortcuts collide with the pages shortcuts. If I do `f` I need to type `CA` well no I can't, because Reddit binds `C` to opening a menu.
  • I'm a emacs user, actually I don't use vim to edit some text. But I have to say I'm surprised that this vim firefox-addon with so many users, while Emacs key-binding addon is so poor. At last, I like this add-on.
  • Joss
  • Awesome Plugin !! Thank you for your Great Job :)
  • please add ctrl-[ escape support.
  • This is one of the few must have extensions in my opinion. I have previously used qutebrowser as my default but ended up having to many issues. Vim Vixen gives me the capabilities of qutebrowser inside Firefox. The configuration is also super easy to use and can be done in json or through a form.
  • Very Good Addon!!

    But not compatibe with some css.

    - Darkmode
  • Everything Vim is great! Very useful extension!
  • nice! a very useful gadget.
  • Very good. I recently changed to this from vimium because of a huge bug. I haven't found any annoying bug yet so 5 stars from me.