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  • What a great add-on : )
  • Many thanks for this excellent add-on and the continuous development across the years!
  • 👌 Nice! So many positive things about this ... but it's not perfect! 😋

    1. No options for the menu bar position (?) (prefer it on top, or bottom)

    2. No option to disable the menu bar auto-hide (?)

    3. No option to resize the menu buttons. (not that i mind the current size.. i just think they don't need to be that big.. they could easily be slightly smaller, so that they take up less space, especially if there was a way to disable the menu bar auto-hide!)

    4. Not user-friendly menu icons (they could've been way simpler so that they make more sense to what they do. Right now they are straight up confusing)

    Don't get me wrong. This is all just suggestions, and just how I'd have done it. 🙂

    This is the only add-on that I've found todo what i was looking for.. but i really would appreciate it, if i could at least be able to disable the menu bar auto-hide.. ☹️
    1. It's possible since the latest version, see the following point.
    1-3, You can use Custom CSS for all these. Go to the Options page, hover that option then hover the question mark that appears before that option to check out some examples.
    4. I can't really create universally understandable icons, that's why there is an explanation for them on the Home Page. If you have suggestions, then you can post them on the GitHub page.
  • Wow. I'm kind of speechless here. Nice work.
  • This should be built into Firefox - it's that good.
  • Excellent!! I going to remember you on payday.
  • EDIT: The Frame Extraction feature has been fixed. Easily a 5/5 recommendation.

    Viewhance has a lot of functionality and fun features that all generally work well. Though my one gripe that keeps me from giving it a full five stars is that its frame extraction function does not work properly anymore thanks to more recent Firefox updates. If you left click and try to get full frames, you come back with nothing. Right click and it all comes out a glitchy mess. It's a real shame too because there doesn't seem to be any other add-ons with this sort of feature apart from Google Chrome's "GIF Scrubber".
  • Extremamente útil.
  • Замечательное дополнение!
  • Complementaria para Imagus. ¡Incluye varios buscadores de imágenes!
  • i use this add-on as well as imagus. My only request is that you clean the Options page up. Every setting should have a "?" next to it and Clearly explain what each setting does when hovering over the "?". Then it will be a perfect 5 stars.
  • Amazing functionality! A must-have.
  • Would it be possible to add features that allows you to import as frames with the option of selecting multiple files, and export all frames? That's the only thing that is missing. Other than that, I love this addon.
  • Thank you very much for WE porting.
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