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  • Wow. I'm kind of speechless here. Nice work.
  • This should be built into Firefox - it's that good.
  • Excellent!! I going to remember you on payday.
  • EDIT: The Frame Extraction feature has been fixed. Easily a 5/5 recommendation.

    Viewhance has a lot of functionality and fun features that all generally work well. Though my one gripe that keeps me from giving it a full five stars is that its frame extraction function does not work properly anymore thanks to more recent Firefox updates. If you left click and try to get full frames, you come back with nothing. Right click and it all comes out a glitchy mess. It's a real shame too because there doesn't seem to be any other add-ons with this sort of feature apart from Google Chrome's "GIF Scrubber".
  • Extremamente útil.
  • Замечательное дополнение!
  • Complementaria para Imagus. ¡Incluye varios buscadores de imágenes!
  • i use this add-on as well as imagus. My only request is that you clean the Options page up. Every setting should have a "?" next to it and Clearly explain what each setting does when hovering over the "?". Then it will be a perfect 5 stars.
  • Amazing functionality! A must-have.
  • Would it be possible to add features that allows you to import as frames with the option of selecting multiple files, and export all frames? That's the only thing that is missing. Other than that, I love this addon.
  • Thank you very much for WE porting.
  • Everything works perfectly! I just wanted to bring your attention to an issue in Firefox webextensions, you may want to keep that in mind and maybe test accordingly: ghacks.net/2017/08/30/firefox-webextensions-may-identify-you-on-the-internet/
  • Everything works as expected but it would be the ideal replacement for another addon (Image Zoom) if it had one feature - image zoom with mouse wheel on every site (not just using the image viewer).
  • Pretty Nice and useful addon for working with images which opened in new tab. Very good time saver.

    P.S. e10s supported! So nothing to worry about.
  • Установил. Ничего не происходит. Удалил.
  • The Imagus/Viewhance add-on is excellent, and by far the best hover zoom extension. It has better functionality, customization, and development than other alternatives (e.g. Image Zoom Plus, Image Zoom, ...), and it is not sleazy like those either (the others collect and sell your browsing information)! Also, it is available for both Chrome/Firefox, and very consistent across both browsers.
  • Thanks. Good addon with useful options: image processing, rotation, mirroring, gif storyboard etc.
  • Excelente. No sabía que además tenia para buscar en Google & otros...
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