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  • Very necessary additions. Thanks for work (Очень нужное дополнения. Спасибо за работу)

  • A must have, especially when working with code that you didn't write yourself. If you ever had to plow through the work of someone who suffered from a chronic case of 'projectile sourcecode vomiting' or (god help you) grandma used frontpage to build a website and wants you to 'stop making it look weird', then you will definitly appreciate this addon.

  • Fantastic add-on. I spent several months working with a designer and developer on the website redesign at the museum I work for - this tool made the process infinitely easier.

    Rather than having to search through the regular "view source" textfile for the one needle in the code haystack to see what's going on, this cool little add-on breaks it down into color blocks, making it easy to find what you're looking for - a must for a very visual person like me.

    Another plus is that as someone with a fairly rudimentary grasp of HTML, it makes learning how the structure of the page works easier too.

    Win-win. One of my personal "Must Have" add-ons.

  • I first started using this add-on a few years ago, but for a while it wasn't updated for the latest version of Firefox. I've really missed this add-on, I'm so glad it's back!

  • Very useful and beautiful

  • This is extremely useful and well designed. Great work.

  • Very cool - I didn't realize I had it installed, then I found it in the right-click menu! Fell in love instantly! A keeper!!

  • View Source Chart is brilliant but had to flick back to firefox 3.6 to use it.
    To get it to work with the newest firefox install the Add-on Compatibility Reporter 0.8.7 this disables the checker.


    ensure the source chart option is set for new tab.
    right click the page you are interested in and view source chart will give you the blank tab. Paste the url of the page back into this tab and it displays.

    Once again - brilliant addon. Thanks

    One request is for an option to display the divs / classes and ids.

    Developer response

    vietnamrum, thanks for the info! I bumped the version compatibility to include 7.*. Automated email from mozilla said they'd updated compat. version so I hadn't bothered to do it myself.

  • Real, real, time saver.

  • Hi Jennifer, yep, great extension, beautiful and deadly!
    Buuuuut, after upgrading to 4.0.1 I am justing getting a blank window where the source used to be displayed. (It was working fine before the upgrade.)
    Any ideas? Here's hoping!

    Developer response

    Tools > Add-ons > Extensions > View Source Chart > Options (Preferences) > select "View Source Charts in a tabbed window"

  • Beautiful and deadly.

  • Great addon! This is such a useful tool.

    My one little request is that when a box is collapsed, I'd like to see the container's opening tag with attributes stays there, so it will be much more ease to see when you collapse a bunch of containers.

  • I'm not even a programmer/developer and I like this. When I do have to examine the page source, this makes it much easier.

  • Comme je suis content de retrouver cette merveilleuse extension.

  • Nice. Very Helpful.

  • I like it

  • Brilliant ! So fresh and so clean, clean. Thank you. :)

  • This is such a useful tool. Now that I have it, I find myself using it all the time. I used to try to sketch out similar-looking charts on paper whenever I found myself getting confused trying to form a mental map of a bit of source code. This is much more convenient -- and the color coding helps a lot, too.

    A toolbar button would be a really nice addition to the next version. Alt-V-Shift-V is a little tricky to type, and context menus or anything involving right-clicks can be quite difficult for those of us with motor coordination issues.

  • really cool with the addon

  • Wonderfull tool !
    With it, source code is perfectly indented and colorized. Very very useful extension: Congratulations!

  • I love you. This has been tremendous help to me. I cannot thank you enough, you have spared me from a world of confusion,agitation and frustration. Jeniffer, I will never forget you.

  • A great way to visualise your code. Very useful.

  • Brilliant! Great to have this one back in my FF 3.6.8 :-)

  • Cool. Perfect module for learning, reference, debugging etcetc

  • Very nice...I need it badly and thought about making one myself. This is better than what I was thinking lol...Extra Thanks!!!