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  • Would you consider adding to your addon the ability to save pages on those archiving sites? I think it would be useful to people to have the ability to save pages as they browse the web.
  • love it, love it 😍🥰🥰
  • Not a bad extension at all, but is missing a lot of the features that GRoblin's Page Cache Archiver has. Otherwise, decent.
  • Good :)
  • There is no option for auto show
    And no option for save cache
  • does what it says on the tin. would be perfect if we could save in one click as well.
  • Very useful to have. Archive.org is by far the most useful choice out of the bunch. Never really had much luck with the others. Great little tool that comes in handy here and there for me.

    Best for being able to view dead Google results when you still want to see what's there (or what used to be).
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