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  • Remplace parfaitement la fonction supprimée à la demande de l'entreprise G e t t y - i m a g e s
    Que la grande diarhée leur coule dessus.
  • Doesn't work - Cyberfox 52.9.1 (64-bit)
  • impressive
  • Doesn’t work at all, at least under Firefox ESR 52.9.
  • Very helpful.
  • Works as intended. You can even change the "View image" and "Search by image" text.
  • Works like a charm.
  • Works perfectly! Thank you so much Joshua B!
  • great...
  • Simple. Does what the fuck it says it does, no bullshit.
  • It stopped working about 5 mins ago. Please, fix. This tool increases productive of the whole humanity. Just imagine how many hours you have saved for the users! Thousands of hours, I guess.
  • Its working. Just Uninstall it and then Reinstall it again. It'll start working then.
  • Doesn't work anymore.
  • Doesn't work anymore.