334 reviews
  • i not sure
  • Wonderful!!! It works again and with new improvements!
    It is an invaluable complement for me.
    Thank you very much.
  • Doesn't work FF 56.0.2 64-bits
  • Was working, no longer works D: Fix it!
  • Fantastic, thanks! Simple, works great, just like before Google capitulated to Getty. Such a shame iOS browsers don't support extensions because I HATE having to use Google Images on mobile now.
  • USED to be 5/5 addon. Haven't worked for a while now after Google introduced their new UI for Google Images. Sad
  • Works perfectly. Says what it does; does what it says. Excellent. Thank you.
  • Remplace parfaitement la fonction supprimée à la demande de l'entreprise G e t t y - i m a g e s
    Que la grande diarhée leur coule dessus.
  • Doesn't work - Cyberfox 52.9.1 (64-bit)
  • impressive
  • Doesn’t work at all, at least under Firefox ESR 52.9.