299 reviews
  • great...
  • Simple. Does what the fuck it says it does, no bullshit.
  • It stopped working about 5 mins ago. Please, fix. This tool increases productive of the whole humanity. Just imagine how many hours you have saved for the users! Thousands of hours, I guess.
  • Its working. Just Uninstall it and then Reinstall it again. It'll start working then.
  • Doesn't work anymore.
  • Doesn't work anymore.
  • Не работает .. увы
  • Doesn't' work for me at all
  • Really need this!

    thanks :)
  • As of May 2018 it works perfectly, thanks
  • With Firefox 47.0.1 every single version of this add-on says "The add-on downloaded from this site could not be installed because it appears to be corrupt." when attempting to install.
  • Works like a charm!
  • Works where others fail. Thanks!
  • Simple, customizable, and open source. Works perfectly on Firefox 59.0.3, Windows 10. I was using another, similar add-on but it stopped working.
  • very good
  • è una buona estensione e fa quello che deve fare senzza problemi, non metto 5 stelle per via del nome poco immediato e che non
  • Out of date.. My image results don't look like that at all. The View image button is nowhere to be found.
  • Simple.
  • Works perfectly
  • Expectacular!!! Extrañaba la funcion