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  • Love this addon, great work. Hope it'll work forever.
  • Fonctionne parfaitement
    Firefox 59.0.1 (64 bits) sur mac OS 10.9.5
  • Dear developer, I hope you'll always be happy and successful in life.
  • Any chance of getting an iOS version of your wonderful creation? (In particular the ability to search for the highest resolution/largest image.
    (I am aware this is not a 'review' and that I did not follow the 'review guidelines)
    However, I did read all of the reviews that have been posted, and from them, the description given by the you, developer and recommendations from sources that I trust... well, you've obviously fixed what never should have been broken in the first place!
    Well done!
  • 非常好用,谢谢作者了!
  • Thanks bringing back view image button. I'll give you 5 stars if you can bringing that find another size button
  • Works beautifully! Thank you!
  • Thank you for adding a extension for this. I hate how Getty Images sued Google for this, when it's really Getty Images fault for allowing their "high quality" images to be public instead of making it private. Other than that, it's a fantastic extension. No problems at all. Just hoping that this extension will not break by Google.
  • Super useful when trying to find image sources, thank you!
  • works
  • It's working also in Ff 59,just enable right click.
    This is an example viewed and saved > https://i.imgur.com/FWE5fqh.png
  • it was great, but not working on 59 version
  • not working any more in FF 59 Mac
  • Awesome, thank you!