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  • it doesn't work anymore in "google.com" domain but wokrs in others domains of google
  • thanks for this options
  • Just plain doesn't work.
  • "View Image" works properly, "Search by Image" does not exist. You have to install the add-on "Search by Image on Google" as replacement.
  • After recent change on google images there was no way to simply display image without visiting website its on. This addon added a necessary button and solved this problem!
  • Для тех людей, у которых возникли проблемы с этим дополнением, я последовал совету другого человека и удалил все свои куки-файлы для Google, которые разрешили мою проблему. Теперь он работает так же, как и всегда, то есть прекрасно работает!

    Used to work perfectly. Google recently updated the way it shows images. If you download another addon that restores the old version this addon still works

  • love
  • Got annoyed, search for a solution, found this extension, refreshed search, button showed up, i'm happy.

    Thank you very much mister extension maker!
  • "Search by Image" and "View Image" are both working. Much appreciated.
  • It doesn't work after the July 24th update.
  • Thanks!
    (Pls Google, stop breaking stuff).