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  • doesn't work, shows only thumbnail, pls fix
  • This is an invaluable tool but it stopped working recently. I've read the tip about deleting Google cookies - it didn't work for me, so I deleted all my history including cookies. It works now - phew!
  • Just opens the thumbnail in the new panel, nothing else. Won't open the full size image.
  • The new "Search by Image" button is just covering up the button that takes you to the image's originating website. When you click, that's what it does, it takes to the site the image came from.
  • Hello Joshua,

    Thanks for sharing your addon View Image.

    Just one remark on the "Search by Image" that seems to be completely different than the way it was done when it was available on Google Images.
    Therefore, could you try to provide a "Search by Image" button that produces exactly what the original "Search by Image" button was producing when it was available on Google Images? Thanks.

    I suggest you do the following 2 buttons.
    ---The "Search This Image" button that does what your "Search by Image" button does.
    ---The "Search by Image" button that does exactly what the "Search by Image" button was doing when it was available with Google Images.

    To have a very clear idea how the “Search by Image” button was looking when it was on Google Images a few years ago, go the video “How to use Google Image Search to find information about a picture - YouTube” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VnX_FqMlkZo and move to the point in the video at 1:34 and you will see exactly how this “Search by Image” looked orginally on Google Images.

    I currently (2019/11/02) use Firefox 70 and it works fine with this version. BUT the "Search by Image" button does not do what it is supposed to do, as when it was available on Google Images.

    Just a remark on the picture you show for your addon View Image. It does not show the "Search by Image" button on this picture.

    Again, thanks for sharing your addon View Image.
  • When it worked it was great, but as of now it doesn't work anymore. Tried clearing google cookies as suggested below, but still nothing.
  • No longer works
  • stopped working
  • Stopped working when trying to view google images as of 10/20/19. Now it only shows tiny thumbnails instead of full size picture.
  • Love this add-on, but it doesn't work anymore on FF70 by Oct25, 2019 - please help update/fix it for all humanity saked
  • I've used this since its release and it's saved me from a lot of annoyance. Unfortunately, it has stopped working on Firefox which is a real shame. Crossing my fingers it'll be fixed!
  • Doesn't wort at all.
    Edit: I managed to get this thing to work, just delete all Google cookies.
  • Works for me....
  • after update it is not work