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  • Work as desired, a little more detailed explanation on how to access the info would have gotten a 5 Star. You actually has to go into tools -> Page info -> and there is the cookie TAB.
  • Мне оно нравится
  • 5 Stars
  • I was able to access my Google Site pages when signed into Google. But I could NOT edit them. I knew it was a Firefox problem, probably cookies, because I was able to access and edit my Google Site pages in Chrome. So using the View Cookies add-on I went straight to the Google Sites page in Firefox , clicked on Page Info under (Firefox) Tools, selected the Cookie tab, deleted ALL cookies, refreshed the page, signed into the page and - lo and behold - after many hours of frustration I am able EDIT my Google Sites pages in Firefox.

    Thank you Edwin Martin!
  • Excellent add on, no more guessing, and alerts to check if cookies are set properly.
  • It is helpful, but can you add cookie editing to addon? After firebug death I search for cookie editor like firebug's one.
    This is similar, but only viewer.
  • Great! For the Future: hoping for a version compatible to multiprocess FF (e10s)...
  • Contrary to what I read in other reviews, it works perfectly fine in Firefox 42.0, and you can copy any cookie value to clipboard (from the details section). Also lists expired cookies, which can be cunfusing; fortunately the expiry date/time is displayed. A refresh button would have been a welcome addition.
  • was simple and handy but no longer works under 42
  • Yes, it does what it claims, but no more. No way to copy the value, and long values can only be viewed in a popup. If there are enough cookies to need the scroll bar, when you scroll to the end of the list, there's a gap below the scroll bar -- no loss of functionality but ugly.
  • It is what I was looking for, just a quick way to see all cookies values. Plus it is possible to delete one by one or all of them. Simple, no complications. Big thanks.
  • This addon is very useful. It does exactly what it's supposed to do - it adds a new tab to the "Page Info" dialog that shows you cookie names, contents, domain, path, expiry date and even if it is secure. My only recommendation is making it possible to edit and add cookies. You can do that with the Developer Tools Console tab, but having it in will just make the plugin more useful.
  • This is a really nice extension that's well designed and integrates neatly without adding junk to menus or toolbars.

    It's very easy to locate and use (if you actually bother to read the simple instructions provided or look at the screenshot).

    It's handy to be able see cookies just for the page that you are currently on, rather than having to figure out which cookies apply to which page based on a long single list from all sites you've ever been to (which is how many other cookie extensions seem to work).
  • It may seem confusing to find where to run it, but if you read the description it gets clear.
    In the main menu:
    Tools > Page Info > Cookies
  • Works great.
  • Doesn't do anything, the addon is enabled but under no menu do I see anythign about this cookie viewing. I have turned on the 'add-on bar' in view menu, have looked through every other menu, nothing. Clearly there is some clever sneaky knack to making this work so that only people who wear square rimmed glasses and think they are writing screenplays in coffee shops who regularly use firefox can actually use it. Would suggest perhaps some instructions that read something along the lines of 'To actually use this add-on click on the following menus'. Anyway, doesn't work.
  • Works as advised. I would be happy if there was option for edit, though.
  • I've used this for years. Easy to use, very nice. It is the only one I can find that would show all the cookies for the web page, and only those cookies. All others show the entire cookie database, unless you set filters, which are tricky and unreliable, and you cannot see all the host, domain, and subdomain cookies in one go as this add-in does, and most of them cannot filter by path like this one does.

    But in my FF version 20 on Windows, it does not show any cookies at all, anymore. Did version 20 break it? I tried re-installing it but it's still broken.
  • Thanks.
  • Exactly what I needed. Thx!
  • Works exactly as advertized. Great little tool.
  • While this tool does seem to do a better job that the built in cookie tool that ships with Firefox, there is one glaring omission that users of this tool need to be made aware of.

    It states that "cookies belonging to the current page" will be shown. This is only true in part. The massive oversite is that it does NOT show any 3rd party cookies, which arguably are more important when building a tool to do a cookie audit of a site.

    Granted that the developer could argue that these cookies are placed there by a 3rd party and don't belong to the current page, but the truth is that the current page has allowed these cookies to be placed and is therefore liable for them, so in my mind, would come under the umbrella of "belonging to the current page".

    Shame really, as this one comes close.

    The omission of being able to launch from the add-on bar is another bugbear, especially when there is no facility to refresh the list or watch what's being added like you can in the Firefox provided one. 3 clicks gets very tedious, very quickly when repeating it a lot.
  • Make it very easy to work with installing and removing cookies for web development. Wish there was a shortcut to bring up the dialog box.

  • This addon adds a tab to the "Page Info" section that shows the current webpage's cookies (if any). However, it does NOT have a button that would let you go DIRECTLY to said cookie tab. If a future version of this addon gets a much needed button that lets you do that, then I'll give that version of this addon 5 stars, but v1.10.3 only gets 4 stars for not having said button.
  • Simples e funcional