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  • This was an amazing extension that I've used for years (especially on mobile). Sadly, it says it's not compatible with Firefox Quantum. Are there plans to update this? I haven't been able to find anything that replicates the functionality in full. Everything else seems to be tailored towards specific sites rather than a general application.
  • Horny..ds
  • My notebook was choking and hanging on an ever increasing video heavy Web, so I decided to get get an add-on to block videos. "Video WithOut Flash" came up in the search results so I decided to try it first.

    I can't believe that the same excruciatingly slow page that just hung up the whole browser not only loaded the video up quickly but I was also able to freely scroll through the page while it played. I wished I'd known about this before!
  • It works on Android.
  • Gud
  • complete information
  • Thank you! This worked perfectly for me :) Since shockwave flash constantly crashed when playing a video I disabled it in firefox settings added your plugin and I am now a happy surfer again.
  • Developer, thank you so much! My new laptop dont work with standart flash plugin and every time not respond. Your work perfect!
  • But to get it to work I had a few issues.
    Firstly, if a Flash Plugin is installed, it wouldn't work.
    Only after I uninstalled Flash Player and added a blocking rule of: *.swf to my adblocker to block all flash files from attempting to load, this addon then started working and boy does it works well!

    While some videos on some sites still wont play with this add-on, a LOT more do play than before.
    Five stars worthy? Oh yes.
  • Doesn't work in firefox it won't work at all.
  • This addon doesn't work.
  • Not works with many sites!
    Even xvideos.com... saddly...
  • working great
  • not working.....
  • doesn't work...
  • does not work.
  • In fact I was searching for a way to block jwplayer used to force me to see some advertising videos by some sites.
    Please give some way to contact you e.g. on your site. (may be useful for future employer,unfortunately not my case !)
  • Works just great for me.
    Thanks for this addon, much appreciated and well needed.
  • Doesn't work, I still can't see videos on my tablet that require flash.
  • Horribly laggy and buggy. Like anything HTML5 attempts to take over. That this awful thing was featured, only shows bias from Mozilla.
    The lag of your browser (for watching videos or posting "reviews" twice) is of no concern for this extension. using an analytical approach as soon as you can fetch the video source the job of this extension is done.
  • I wanted to uninstall flash for security reasons. Works like a charm thank you..!
  • Does not work, Black screens and when, or if plays it really makes the Videos Lag... Stops and starts, stops and starts, on
    and it an on - no fluidity in any videos...
    Hi, this addon is not a video player, be sure to read the description.
    If you have trouble with firefox HTML5 video backend, try to select a lower video quality or check you video driver. Alternatively you can wait that the video is loaded or even download it.
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8-g8CpXdO8&index=8&list=TLpAFEDBJwm7E
    Don't work this. Nothing else like a black screen. With Flash player work ok. On Android 4.2.2 Rk hdmi stiktv
    I thought it was clear enough that youtube is not supported by this addon, so I updated the listing information.
  • Does NOTHING. "Rating" needs zero or less.
  • Seems good but doesn't work at all. Using 37.0.2 version of FF.
    You can provide the video web site or the page with the video and I will check this out.