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  • Does this add-on resolve the issue of instagram videos not playing in Firefox?
  • Free trial for real?
    Yup. Hit me up if you want a license though.
  • Not sure if this is what's supposed to happen or if I'm doing anything wrong, but this extension does absolutely nothing for me. I just installed it yesterday and as soon as I enabled it, all I see on instagram is this box in the lower left-hand corner that says "Video Scrubber: Trial Expired", which is apparently a link. When I click it, it takes me to the support/license purchase page, itself clearly stating that the extension is free for the 1st month and that I have to purchase a license to continue after that, yadda yadda, just like it states here on AMO.

    But that's not my issue with it. I already knew that going in, not a gacha or anything. The problem is that I have not been able to use it AT ALL, not even once, to test it or anything. Absolutely NONE of the features work, I can't pause/play with space, there isn't even a seek bar, nothing. It's as if the extension thinks I have already used it for 30 days when in fact I haven't at all. I have confirmed this multiple times by disabling/re-enabling, re-installing, I tried everything. I'd gladly pay for it if I knew it actually worked and I liked the features, I mean it's only $1.50/yr. But as it is, I honestly don't know anything.
    Dear Sir or Madam! You emailed me with this and I replied! Check your spam folder / get back at me.
  • Great extension, works great. Dev responded to msg fast and was very nice.
  • I get it, developers need to make money, but switching a free extension to a paid annual subscription one is such a crap move. This one should have been kept free and then a new paid "pro" version should have been added for people who might want whatever future features the developer claims they may add someday.
    Hey there - hit me up if you want a license. I've been giving early users free licenses.

    Also, as part of these changes I added some dope keyboard shortcuts and the ability to pop videos out of the page. And I'm very interested in adding more features - just let me know how to improve it!
  • Became trialware...
    Just using Video Controls for Instagram extension instead now since it's free and does the exact same thing.
  • Was free, then suddenly wasn't. Lame
    Sorrrrryyyy Kaylee. Hit me up if you want a license.
  • Trialware really? For a simple scrubber? I got the extension before payment was required, but I'm not interested in your free key when I can write a similar userscript for myself in 15 minutes.

    That's dope. And you're right - why pay for an add-on when you can write it yourself!
  • Paid extension for browser? =)
    NYC rent aint cheap...
  • Ive been using this for a year, and now i gotta pay for it. Yeah no thanks
  • This add-on is fantastic! Instagram videos have always been too loud on my computer, and this has a volume control which fixes that immediately. I've been using it for two years and I love it!

    I saw some unnecessarily harsh reviews below about it changing to a paid app, but I emailed the developer (like he mentions in the description) and he provides a free license to you if you already had downloaded the extension.
  • about 6 months using it... but for some reason... now is paid...
    Yeah. Hit me up if you want a license. I get it.
  • Bait and switch - this add-on has silently switched to being a paid add-on. Uninstalled. In my opinion, if they are willing to surprise users with sudden fees, they are probably willing to try other dishonest tricks to make money.
    Hey there - apologies about that. Two things: 1) It took me a while to get around implementing the licensing system. 2) Users paying for it means I have 0 incentive to install trackers or any other nefarious thing. Also, it means I'll actually maintain and add features. I understand that a lot of users are upset about now having to pay for me writing all of this code and managing the extension. Email me and I'll give you a free license code.
  • pay 2 use with no mention
    Apologies - it took me a while to implement the licensing system (Moz doesn't provide one out of the box). If you'd still like to use the extension, you can email me and I'll give you a free license.
  • was useful until they recently switched it to a paid service without notifying or mention it to anyone. pretty unsavory tactic imo. uninstalled.

    EDIT: FOUND A REPLACEMENT! Search for "Video Controls for Instagram by David Cavar"
    Apologies! As I've said elsewhere, it took me some time to actually implement the licensing system. Email me (support@georgemike.com) and I'll give you a license.

    Also, email me if you have ideas for more features to add.
  • excellent extension. way better to watch Instagram with it
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