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  • Воспроизводит видео с момента остановки.
    Все работает.
  • I really appreciate this
  • I wish videos were remembered forever instead of max 99 days.
  • This is a great extension that has saved me a great deal of time, trying to remember or note where I left off on videos. One enhancement suggestion: it would be great if it supported Firefox Sync so that it would resume videos even if resuming on a different (Firefox Sync connected) installation of Firefox on a different computer.
  • The add-on works great. It does just what it says and the video always jumps to the time of when the video was last playing, which I find really useful when if, for example, I accidentally refresh the page.

    I have bee experiencing an issue with videos from links with a specific timestamp don't load. But setting media.mediasource.enabled or media.webm.enaabled to false seems to fix this.
  • Love the addon, does the job perfectly. Just wondering though, why is there 2mb svg inside the XPI for no good reason?
  • Works well, but Malwarebytes Adwcleaner picks it up and deletes it.
    Hi, thank you for your favorable review.

    It might seem, however, that this extension has not scored 5 startsfor reasons that some other software misidentifies it as malware, never mind its reputation and longevity in Mozila Addons. As it does not appear entirely fair, I would like to kindly ask you to reconsider your score.

    Thank you!
  • Thanks for this! No separate list needed, now I can just bookmark a vid normally and go right back to it. Perfect.