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Please bear in mind that I didn't install this add-on yet. Just a comment after reading the developer comments, visitinh his website and having a look at his instructions.

For what I understand, this add-on doesn't offer the possibility of searching for subtitles. While I'm glad to have found video grabber, I'd be happier to install it if it actually offer the option to search for a certain subtitle file in a number of subtitle databases, thus not having to do part of the job yourself (which, in my own experience, is rather dull).

If you could add that feature, I'd gladly use it rather than downloading.

-Edit: Thanks for the reply. I understood the purpose, I wasn't sure about the subtitle search though. Your response clarified that positively. Since you state that subtitles would be found automatically, I will give it a try and then review it properly. Thanks again!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.01.1-signed.1-signed). 

Main purpose

Hi Lomedin,
Main thing about this addon is not to download movies. It is a addon that can be used to watch streaming videos with subtitles online. what the addon does is take you to the VideoSub Player when you play a video. and the current video player which is at http://videosubplayer.ideawide.com/ is capable of finding subtitles on it own if you specify the movie name.
Hope it helps. thank you for your feedback