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  • Requires a "companion" app to be installed to actually download anything. I have no idea if the "companion" app is also recommended/monitored by Firefox. Uninstalled.
  • Works just fine. Would recommend to anyone
  • Melhor programa para download de videos, muito Bom!!
  • Useless piece of shit that requires you to download bloatware.
  • I have been using Video Download Helper for about 3 or 4 years and have downloaded music videos, audio books, old theater flicks and new theater flicks (not to mention the occassional porn) and it nearly never fails me!
  • на 21.01.2020г.ничего нельзя скачать хотя два года назад оценил бы в 10 звезд.
  • Works perfectly and adds some features to organize the videos
  • WAS great. NOT FREE!!! Charges to convert to the most used format.
    "Flash and Video Download" by Download Flash and Video Team, is working great!
    BUHbye.NOT buy buy.
  • This extension does nothing. It requires an EXTERNAL APPLICATION to do anything. This is useless.
  • Funciona excelente! Para mantener el espíritu original de Internet!
  • Not actually free.
  • I've been using this extensions for years and it has never let me down. My library is what it is because of this extension.
  • Grandiosa app, en ocasiones se cancelan los videos porno pero los puedo volver a descargar en otro momento
  • Best download program i've ever used