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  • Very nice tool, perfect for my workflow. Thank you!
  • awesome, the best!!
  • Nice addon
  • Bei YouTube und Vimeo funktionieren die Downloads nicht!
    The downloads do not work with YouTube and Vimeo!
  • Really Perfect !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • отлично!
  • I have use this app for 400th! Super Good App!
  • не скачивает с getcourse
  • es la mejor herramienta para descargar videos y la recomiendo ampliamente......muchas gracias a los creadores
  • Many easy options. Does all the heavy lifting.
  • 非常给力!非常感谢!此组件解决了大问题。
  • simply excellent!
  • This is very useful,youtube is something I am using every day and this makes downloading music from youtube in mp3 format so much easier than before.Great extension.