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  • I don't know how well this addon downloads videos- I already have a dedicated Youtube video downloader- but what this addon did do is completely ignore every other video site I visited while also nagging me to download an extra piece of software (which mozilla naturally won't QC) and destabilize firefox to the point that it would frequently crash after roughly 30 minutes or so.

    verdict: literally less than useless, because it adds nothing but also takes away functionality. uninstalled
  • Świetny dodatek. Bez najmniejszych problemów ściąga pliki video wycinając przy tym reklamy.
  • uma das melhores extensões que conheci
  • This is the only amazing add-ons apps that i used to download any video files. Good work and wish to see it become the top add-ons always.
  • The Best! Sicuramente il miglior Downloader video in circolazione. Arriva dove gli altri loader si fermano.
  • I have been using this Add-On for five years. I have literally downloaded hundreds of videos with it. The performance is excellent. It has never crashed while I was using it.
    I only use it on a few sites, but I have yet to find a site it is not compatible with.
  • ABsolut zufrieden
  • Video DownloadHelper und man muß zusätzlich was installieren (warum)
  • The best downloader I have used.
  • очень удобный , простой в использовании, доступный для любого пользователя. никогда не подводил! браво!
  • Been using for several years, try others and keep coming back. Best out there {Sorry that they don't allow donations through paypal so I can donate more)
  • Not working on ok.ru
  • This application add on is the Bomb! I don't know what I would have done without it. It will grab any video you'd like and just snatch it from any website and VIOLA!! You have your own video collection!!
  • This thing is old and doesn't support a ton of the updated stuff and, when it does see something, it only wants to see the old 480 version more than anything else.
  • Macht genau das was ich brauche!