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  • This application add on is the Bomb! I don't know what I would have done without it. It will grab any video you'd like and just snatch it from any website and VIOLA!! You have your own video collection!!
  • This thing is old and doesn't support a ton of the updated stuff and, when it does see something, it only wants to see the old 480 version more than anything else.
  • Macht genau das was ich brauche!
  • It works for every site
  • Necesitas pagar dinero para quitar un BIDI y marca de agua. No entiendo cómo tiene tantas valoraciones positivas.... y encima es leeeenta como ella sola. No pierdas el tiempo
  • Verygood.
  • É muito bom, sou usuário do Linux, e essa extensão tanto no Firefox como no Chromium resolveu minha necessidade para Downloads de qualquer vídeos, em qualquer site...
  • Adds a GIANT watermark to the video unless you pay >$20.

    Makes whatever video you download useless, plenty of free better options out there.

  • why have two separate addons? this seems REALLY sneaky
  • Application indispensable et performante qui s'améliore sans cesse au fil du temps. Mérite effectivement un don, le chemin pour y parvenir ne semble pas rassembler toute la sécurité voulue. Dommage.
  • companion app required