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  • Она работает и это хорошо.
    На компьютере с windows требовала покупку для пережатия файла и добавляла QR-код во все видео, я не знал как это убрать.
    Но на linux работает как надо, спасибо за это.
  • I would have given it 4.5 *stars instead of 4 stars if I could have. I am using Windows XP Pro w/ FF ver 52.7.3 and have been able to download about 90-95% of YouTube vids and maybe 80-85% of vids from other websites. Some download problems I would think come about because of my dated O/S & FF version. All-in-all I do a lot of research & this has been my main download app the past few years. I made a donation a few years ago ($25 or $35) and I am going to make another after I finish writing this review ... A big thanks to the developers!
  • very good
  • Does only run with QR code download. No free Addon anymore. No update for 8 month, would call it a money machine, now.
  • it.is a Excellent program !
  • vk.com on not working mp3 download.
  • ce module est excellent, je m'en sert tres régulièrement et je le trouve tres pratique et facile a manipuler.
  • Excellent program !!!
  • Absolutely perfect have been using this for like 3 months no problems. Godspeed to the makes of this amazing add on.
  • Top, j'aime beaucoup ce module
  • Been using it for years. Excellent for all types of video.
  • Excellent Add-On. I have used it for quite a while with no incidents. It downloads effortlessly and is easy to use.
  • Best ever extension to download videos from any site, i have used it with youtube, vimeo, and many more.
  • Great add-on, had this for many years. Works as it is supposed to. my only concern is that sometimes it directs you to download its companion app, which is unwanted (if i wanted to use an external app, i wouldn't install an add-on) and it states it is bcz of some technical issues, a claim I don't know is true or false. But overall can't expect more from a free add-on. I am extremely happy with it, still the best out there
  • does exactly what it's suppose to do