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  • не работает - кликаешь на ссылку - ноль реакции
  • only downloads offers to download a bunch of little snippits of the video
  • this is ok
  • This plugin works without any special downloads required. It won't work for youtube, but you can easily just paste the URL into another website that will download it for you without installing crap on you computer.
  • Doesn't work.
  • Not working
  • AWESOME. Gets video where others fail. THE BEST. THANK YOU!
  • Didn't work at all on vimeo videos that I need. It did download SOMETHING but I can't figure out what, it was too small to be the video and it wouldn't play.
  • ne telecharge que des bout de vidéos et elles ne sont même pas reconnu par mon lecteur.
    Les 212 5 étoiles ne sont pas difficile à satisfaire;
  • Works well and within my criteria
  • It doesn't even captured video from laracast site.