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  • НЕ РАБОТАЕТ! ЮТУБ не видит, порнохаб качает какую то хуйню!
  • Does the same thing that other video downloaders do of this type .. list a bunch of mp4 files from the page and you have to guess which one it is to download. Easier with Youtube or Vemo I guess but with news sites they have their coding so that it is not easy to figure out which video it is .. I am trying to download a video from CTV on the outcome of the murder of my cousins but I had to record it with my cell phone recording the PC screen instead :(
  • Not working with Vimeo
  • Не находит видео на странице.
  • Excellent extension! Using it on on Fedora 29 on FF 66.0a1 Nightly as well as other platforms and versions in the past. Shows resolution and tooltip shows URL - important for the site I download from.

    Regarding other reviews saying it doesn't work on youtube, no it does not. But I don't expect it to, youtube has very specific video streaming methods and requires constant updates to keep up ith the changes google makes to the youtube system. For youtube I use https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/youtube_downloader_webx/

    But for thousands of other sites and videoplayer software, this extension works amazingly! And the extensions that do work on youtube, don't work on most other sites, in my eperience.

    I ill be trying out some of the other extensions from this developer!
  • Doesn't work with Youtube, which effectively renders it pointless. Every Youtube video, it can't find a single link.
  • spettaccolareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  • would of been perfect if there was a way to remove the dishes in the name or rename before saving the file or just about any way to change what the files default save as.
  • Not working
  • excelente