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  • its tits


  • Please update this.

    Developer response

    We have updated and improved our add-on, enjoy!

  • This add-on needs to be updated.

  • This addon has not worked right in WEEKS.
    I just loved the many features of this addon, but it isn't saving my windows and tabs, anymore!
    Since the weird updates firefox started, this in one of many of my addons that no longer work.
    Total suck-ville! :'(

  • There is no function to open in new tab.
    It is troublesome because restart is necessary.

  • for now it is very well

  • Le service existe toujours mais il n'est plus fonctionnel : impossible de sauvegarder les bookmarks.

  • Tried to embed a modified video and had tried many other things. Suprisingly, it worked! Very good addon, 10/10!

  • Great addon!!! I love the video backup. I backup all my favorite music videos to myVidster. No more worries about youtube taking them down. Thanks Marques99

  • myVidster Video Bookmarks is genius! I am able to save all of my favorite video clips in one spot from ANY website! The new feature of backing up my videos online is helpful as well! Now I will ALWAYS have my favorite videos anytime, anywhere! Thanks marques99! Get Add-ons and website!

  • I love using myVidster, and this add on makes it so easy! I was able to catagorize and save all my favorite videos and I use them all the time! :-D

  • database9, users can used the guest login if they do not wish to register for the service, which is free. Be nice, I spent that last 2 years working on this project.

    For TOS and privacy policy go to http://www.myvidster.com/legal.php

  • This addon is an interface to the MyVidster service. In order to use the addon you have to sign up for an account. As far as I could tell you have to provide your contact information before they let your read their terms of service agreement or the privacy policy.

  • :)

  • Finally a firefox add-on for myVidster.

    Video download link
    Recommended Tags (I am too lazy to type them in)

    Thumbnail previews could be larger.

    FYI I have been a myVidster user for about a year and while this addon behaves just like the bookmarklet that is current available. I think this will encourage other users to give the service a try.