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  • I wouldn't want to use Firefox without this extension now. It means that I now have three places to put any buttons, on it or the ordinary toolbar or the add-on bar, depending how I intend to use them; and as an avid user of Toolbar Buttons, I need all the places I can get. And, whatever else you've read here, it does work with the current Firefox 6, without any tweaking.
  • on ff9, ace!
  • Amazing addon when it worked in the spring, since then it's always one version behind FF updates.

    Running FF6, still not working....
  • Works great, just what I wanted.
  • This is one of 3 add-ons I can't live without. Thankyou. Thankyou. Thankyou. Thankyou. :)
  • Thanks fo this add-on a lot! Hope that it will be for firefox 6-8. Отличное дополнение, очень разгрузило пространство, жаль, что с выходом новых версий Mozilla, многие крутые плагины перестают работать. Надеюсь, разработчики выпустят скоро обновление для Firefox 6* 7* 8* :(
  • Very very well done, the beauty is in its simplicity. It beats the all in one overkill sidebar by miles.
  • Version 0.2.3 has lines showing when using the LiteFox persona. All other skins work though.When going into fullscreen the bottom of the sidebar is blocked by the Windows taskbar. This will probably have to be adjusted by the user unless you can figure out a way to know how large the taskbar is for the user since it is different depending on the user's settings.This addon is great for widescreen monitors.I really like though how you can set it to pop up only when you move to the very edge of the screen with the mouse. Would be great if it worked with aurora version or at least beta.

    EDIT: It is very hard to get the sidebar to reappear when Firefox is not maximized and is in window mode. I was able to do it but you have to position the mouse at the very edge of the firefox window. Please fix this! Maybe you could make it so that when the mouse passes over the edge of the Firefox window the sidebar reappears.
  • Это расширение хорошо разгрузило Панель Навигации Firefox. Кроме того, в нём есть вменяемые собственные настройки.Оно работает. И работает без сбоев.Спасибо!
  • Will not open after upgrading to OS X 10.7 Lion today.
  • Nice Addon. Everything you need on the right side of the browser. Especially for widescreens really good.
  • 在选择了书签按钮后,是不是可以选择自动隐藏弹出的书签框更好一点
  • Great addon. For Firefox 5 here: https://addons.mozilla.org/zh-CN/firefox/addon/vertical-toolbar/versions/
  • very nice add-on
  • Very Good !
    add in my favorite add-on style Opera Browser.
    Thank you for create it.
  • Nice but does not play too well with vertical tabs add-on since both use sidebar, and there's only one sidebar. Not possible to have, like, tabs on the left and bookmarks on the right.
    I guess it's not a flaw of any particular add-on but rather firefox layout in general.
  • I'm surprised it has taken me so long to find it.
  • Works well, if only you could add apptabs into this...
  • should be option to place buttons in two or more columns
  • Easy to use and very simple so for that, it's a perfect addon. But on Mac OS X there are many problems of appearance (for exemple when we go to the addon's menu) and it would be great that the developper improves this because the appearance, the simplicity and the stability woul be the key qualities of this addon.
  • Perfect would be an option to glass the toolbar.
  • I use all-in-one sidbar but since it was not updated for ff4 I searched for an other and there it is. It is much simpler but it does what it should. I realy like it and i will use it further. There should be an option to delay the auto display/fade in time for a few milliseconds.
  • Positive Review, however, Vertical Toolbar Needs as of version 0.2.1:

    Needs to be able to duplicate Icons already supposedly in use by system, and optionally place them into the Vertical Toolbar area via dragging. Prime needed example is the Reload Current Page icon ("right rotation arrow circle") that Firefox already uses to the right of the URL address dialog strip in the main FF4 program.

    Sometimes a dire need that this particular Icon needs to be ALSO place-able into the Vertical Toolbar, while still also remaining usable in its other location.

    Overall, Vertical Toolbar is a VERY good idea, and is well on the way to becoming one of the most popular FF tools and add-ons.
  • autohide option dont work in normal mode. works only in fullscreen.
  • This Extension provides additional space for toolbar buttons for various needful functions. In conjunction with the Michael B. Extension Toolbar Buttons, it permits the user access to global toggles for Java, Flash, IFrames, &c., not accessible from the menus or App Menu. An excellent adjunct for browser customization.