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  • Makes best use of available space on wide monitors. Works great. One of my favorite add-ons.
  • Very useful add-on! But I would like to change buttons width.
  • It's ok for adding controls to this vertical bar, but I wish I could see my bookmarks in a vertical line. (When I drag the bookmarks container to this bar, they stay in a horizontal line, making the bar soooo wide)
  • The best of all !!! Thank you :-D
  • If i were you, i'd provide some more information on AMO.
    I might prefer Vertical Toolbar to AIOS, esp. when on other people's machines. But i need some comparison facts, e.g. like bloat factor comparison.
    Third, i'd like to see this extension work without restarting FF. Impossible?
  • Excellent space saver for things not readily needed like lastpast, flashblock, or ie tab icons!
  • Very handy, thank you!
  • Very useful.I can replace all-in-one sidebar with this.If the sidebar width could be customizable,it would be fine.And hope the downloading window and the addon manager can be loaded in the sidebar also
  • FF 9.0.1 Windows 7 максимальная
    при включенном Vertical Toolbar браузер ведет себя странно, при свертывании и развертывании он пропадает.
  • From my earlier review: I've really enjoyed using Vertical Toolbar, which should've been part of Firefox by default ever since wide screens became the norm. Even though I use a 23" 1920x1080 LCD, switching just 1 toolbar to vertical made a noticeable difference, so I imagine it'd be excellent on a small screen.

    Update: My earlier review said that I gave it only 3 stars because of two problems: it was making my icons revert to the built-in blah gray style, and that adding the Bookmarks Toolbar Items disabled the ability to customize toolbars. I let Firefox spend a few restarts (one wasn't enough) with the Vertical Toolbar disabled, then when I enabled it again, the problems were both gone: my themed icons are back & I could customize toolbars despite the Bookmark Toolbar Items being on the Vertical Toolbar. So, now I'm giving it the 5 stars it deserves since everything is working. :)
  • All In One SideBar Is A Second SideBar. Top Nice
  • Nice but it pops up too easy.. now i cant access the sides of my screen without the toolbar popping up.
    Can i also bind it with a keyboard shortcut?
  • Fantastic, especially for netbooks. My only wish is that we could have an optional 2nd (and possibly even 3rd column) of icons if it weren't too much of a programming effort. Scrolling buttons would be somewhat less desirable option imo. In any case Vertical Toolbar plus the Toolbar Buttons addon is a great combination.
  • As of Firefox 8 you should add another option for toolbar buttons: white vs. black
  • Like it very much because it gives a lot of extra button storage.
    Since I use a lot of extensions, and I have loads of buttons for which I have no room available, all extra Toolbars are welcome.
    So I would like this even more if one could install more (vertical) toolbars at the same time, this would create even more button storage.
    Even better it would be to put ALL the available buttons in a Toolbar from where I can drag them to other toolbars. Then one could already use the available buttons.
  • http://forum.mozilla-russia.org/viewtopic.php?id=50134
  • Has a bug - the horizontal line is present sometimes at the bottom of the screen in autohide mode
  • I tried to use this for bookmarks and wow it messed up the browser.

    btw, this is me calmed, after half an hour of trying to recover everything back.
  • Recently installed and enjoying it :) Thanks a lot. Keep up the good work !
  • it's interfering with scroll bar when using it on the right-side with auto hide option, but it doesn't hide completely. and I've to click on options to reset it.
    Some other users also indicated this problem.

    P.S. OK it's solved... I cleared the check box "with borders" and now it's working fine!

    So changing rating from 3 stars to 4!

    I'm add-ons grabber, so it would be great if I see a scrolling or multi-column option. worth 5 stars!
  • It needs more options!
    But the main problem I see is that it gets stuck from time to time and it sticks out, so it doesn't hide completely.
    I use it with vertical bookmarks toolbar, so it might be some issue between these two.
    Except that it's a great addon :)
  • nachdem mein Bildschirm breiter als hoch ist, ist dieses Add-on eine echte Bereicherung für meinen Firefox
  • haha fraggle naggle
  • I have found this addon to be a new essential. It does everything I want in a sidebar and nothing more. No huge chunks taken out of my screen estate. It is small and relatively unobtrusive. Overall, I'm extremely happy with it.
    I did find a small issue with Tree Style Tabs. The tab sidebar size will drastically reduce until I 'customize' the toolbar (which temporarily places the tabs under the navigation toolbar) and click 'Done'. This makes everything look perfect. It is not a deal breaker for me, but it can be for less computer literate people (non-programmers). Noteworthy, this behavior is not reproduced with the Vertical Tabs addon.
  • I was looking for this add-on for very long and since All in One side bar does not have such good interface I did not installed it, this has very good layout which save lot of space and add convenience, only feature can be added (missing) that if this vertical bar could get scrolled then we can add as many as number of icons, actually such vertical bar is available in "Epic browser - Customized Firefox for Indian language" available at "http://www.epicbrowser.com/". free download.

    Thank you for such useful add-on