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  • e10s? :P?
  • Any plans for e10s support? It is a so useful addon.
  • Great extension, but having the same issues as danermo and Alexey in FF50 (Win10). If I have a button with a pull-down button, the bookmark icons disappear. In my case, the pull down button is the "Display closed tabs" button from Tabs Mix Plus. Remove that button from the vertical toolbar, and it works fine.

    The issue is only when I choose "Show: Icons" under the Buttons options. "Icons and Text" and "Text" options both work fine.

    FWIW, the bookmark buttons do not work; however, I can right-click and choose "Open All..."
  • Hmm... Bookmarks do not work if on the panel to place any button with a drop-down list, such as greasemonkey. If this button is removed, then everything works fine.
  • On Firefox 50, Windows 8.1 x64 Bookmark panel doesn't show up
    I cannot reproduce the bug on Firefox 50 on Windows 10.
  • Non intrusive (plays well with the default theme) and extremely useful in placing other extensions.

    Very useful and very compliant.

    Thank you to the developer
  • Love it! But can you make it bigger ?
  • I've recently started using this add-on and am quite happy with it. I have it set to open automatically. I also have historically parked my cursor in the same area. Would it be possible to add a toggle button to be able to lock/unlock the toolbar easily? So far, very happy with the add-on anyway! Thanks for your work!
  • Does exactly what it should and does it perfectly.
  • Hi,

    I set the vertical bar to hide automatically. However, when I start Firefox every time, only half of it is hidden. Please fix this bug. Thank you.
  • Since upgrading to FF 46 showing "icons only" does not work anymore. "Icons and text" works well, but uses too much space in my opinion. So I only want to see my bookmark icons, which used to work fine. Since the FF upgrade the bar is empty.
    When changing from "Icons and Text" to "Icons only" in the add-on settings, I quickly can see the icons and then they disappear.

    Please fix.
  • シンプルで良いです。
  • As someone said below, have been using this for ages, and simply forgot to leave a review.

    Excellent add-on for cleaning up the clutter, and solid as a rock over multiple FF versions (currently 45 on OS Mavericks).

    Only -- very minor -- quibble is the colour. The gray is much darker than the default gray. Any way to fix this so that the integration is cosmetically, as well as functionally, seamless?

    Great job, thanks
  • So useful, neat and tidy and what fun I have had organizing the icons within it to get it just so.
    Thankyou developer :)
  • I looked for a support section link, but couldn't find one here or on the authors homepage, so I'm using this review area. I have tried to get this to work, but the toolbar will not show up within the "Customize" screen. Because it doesn't show up there, I am unable to drag any buttons onto it.

    This looks like it could be a very useful extension, but it is unusable for me. I'm using the FF 44 on a windows machine.

    Also, you should probably setup a support link so people aren't forced to use the review area if they need to contact you.
  • Better than having one that's horizontal!
  • 节省了很多空间
  • Vertical toolbars which hide away out of sight until needed just seem more intuitive, and of course reduce clutter. This goes especially well with a minimal look. I've got my search bar tucked away there too which has the effect of adding some width to the bar.
  • I love being able to simply put the option buttons to have on hand !!.
    Easy Setup and fully stable!!
    Thank you to the developer for this great Add-on!!
    Me encanta poder poner de manera simple los botones de opciones para tenerlos a la mano!!.
    De fácil configuración y totalmente estable!!
    Gracias al desarrollador por este gran complemento!!
  • First of all i want to thank the creator of Vertical Toolbar for giving us this brilliant Add-on.

    This is an Add-on that should be included in Firefox by default. Easy to set-up, incredibly helpful and just works.

    additional thanks to Gomita for updating Vertical Toolbar to make it work perfectly again with the latest Firefox version!

    Thank you!
  • In FF 41
    Doesn't work "never show" bar in full screen (on youtube for ex.)
  • Отличное дополнение. Работало до Australis и продолжает работать по сей день. Разве что когда кастомные темы ставишь, то надо скорее самому их немного подтачивать.
  • Обновился до windows 10 и возникла небольшая проблема, автоматически скрытая панель не выезжает при наведении мыши на край экрана или окна браузера. Наверное потому что в этом windows отсутствуют боковые поля. Очень давно пользуюсь и надеюсь на исправление этой маленькой проблемы.
  • Been using this for years, and apparently I never bothered to leave a review. It's one of those things you install, and get used to, and it works so well it doesn't even occur to you that it's an addon until you use a browser without it.

    Liking the extra buttons it adds as well - currently rocking the sync button on the navbar and it fits right in, even changing appearance for personas and animating when syncing.
  • наконец-то получилось сделать панель закладок сбоку))