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  • Thank you Gomita and good people at Mozilla!
    Every person that uses a rectangular widescreen(16:9 aspect ratio) monitor, would most certainly find very useful to have its Bookmark Toolbar vertically(left or right side of the screen) and not horizontally(like it is in the default FF).
    On these wide screens monitors, we have much more space on the left and right than on the top or bottom of the screen. So it makes perfect sense to have a vertical toolbar, because an horizontal one would take from the vertical space of the screen.
    I have a vertical toolbar on FF displayed all the time, on which I have 2 very important things:
    1). Bookmarks Sidebar(which I use 99.9% of the time and I access Bookmarks from the Menu only 1%)
    2). Bookmarks Toolbar (where I keep at handy the most used links.
    Unfortunately, to this day(2018, november) I have no knowledge of a vertical toolbar that works with the latest Firefox versions. Please say someone if you know of any such vertical toolbar that works with FF after v57.

    Side note!
    Do to limitations in the provided APIs in Firefox 57, a lot of highly efficient and practical add-ons cannot be implemented as a WebExtension add-ons and will not work in Firefox 57 or higher.

    The change from the other add-on infrastructure was done too quickly and brutally. Would it have been too much for add-ons devs, to have a tool which translated their add-on from previous technology to current?
    Who is the main beneficiary(at least until now) of this mess? :::::: G O O G L E .
    Check out the usage share of browsers in the last years: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Usage_share_of_web_browsers
    A lot of users were lured from google search page to install their browser, and the majority of users do not understand what google is.
    Google represents: Spying, Monopoly, Closed and Proprietary source code which cannot be reviewed by anyone except some people at google, and little regard for customization. Mozilla is (or at least was before FF57) the opposite.
    Who are the main disadvantaged people? ::: a lot of the every day users of Firefox. Since the change(after FF57), about 5% of the users have completely left Firefox, and a lot others have stopped updating beyond FF 56.
  • super doplnok, ktorý mi teraz chýba
  • I'm looking forward to having this add-on back.
  • Great addon, really hoping for a Firefox 57 compatible version, delaying upgrade for this and 1 other addon!
  • It was one of the most useful addons for Firefox 56 and below. Please, please, please: make it work in FF 57 again! :)
  • Porfavor, hagan esta extensión compatible con Firefox 57
  • When I could use it, it was 5-STAR all the way. But now, it's useless. Very sad.
  • please come back to us.
  • yes. I like the simplicity and practicality this addon brings to my browser.

    let me also add that I'd like to get web extensions version too.
  • Please update this for the add-on to web extension update coming this November, I use this everyday and would hate to see it die off.
  • Shall this be updated to survive past November?
  • Simple, light, useful!
  • I guess there's not a lot to gain from a vertical toolbar on a tablet, but I cannot rotate my 1360x768 laptop, so I am *very* glad that I can move some 20 buttons to the sidebar! And I have no trouble adding or removing white space there. Perhaps because I use classic theme restorer too?
  • They used to stay open. Now they jump up to the location bar position like previously but vanish quickly.

    I have to use the pin button to toggle the sidebar before interacting with any WebExtension addon now.

    Dev, is this just an incompatibility on my end?
  • I really like Vertical Toolbar, but it no longer works with a majority of the most-downloaded firefox themes, at least not for bookmarks, which is why I want it. Now, I'm forced to choose between Vertical Toolbar and FXChrome. Tough decision.
  • Great add-on, but cannot remove spaces or separators from the toolbar once installed.

    (The idiots at Mozilla don't say where bug reports are to be logged.)
  • For some themes, this may not be an issue, but I've been unable to set the background color for the entire bar. I added some launchers/plugins and my bookmarks; the bookmarks component and the empty space accept the background color, but not the sections with launchers. The toolbar buttons themselves can be targeted, but there is space around them that belongs to the toolbar that still won't accept styling. Note that inspecting chrome://browser/content/browser.xul did not reveal anything overriding my styles or setting colors in ways that I missed. I also don't have a theme set, I'm doing it all through CSS in Stylish.

    I don't think this is a "bug", it may be an oversight or something. An easy fix would be adding a night mode check box or basic style configuration.

    My current solution:

    #vertical-toolbox, #vertical-toolbar toolbarbutton { filter: invert(100%); }

    More comprehensive:

    toolbar, toolbar .toolbarbutton-icon, toolbar [src], #back-button, #forward-button
    { filter: invert(100%) hue-rotate(180deg); }
    #navigator-toolbox { background-color: black !important; color: white !important; }
  • perfect but not e10s compatible
  • 1.0.15 is working (perfectly) again. It probably was 1.0.14 which was buggy.
  • This is a great add-on. I posted that the add-on was not working with the latest Firefox update, and lo and behold, the next day it was fixed. Brilliant. Thank you.
  • после обновления дополнение перестало работать!
  • I hope that will soon be functioning. While waiting you can use similar "OMNISIDEBAR".
    Great! ver.1.0.14 is very good
    The xpi file of ver.1.0.14 is corrupt.
    Please update to ver.1.0.15 or downgrade to ver.1.0.13.
  • With the new version 1.0.14, this ad-dons doesn't work anymore (the vertical toolbar isn't displayed). The browser console message is : <>.
  • 今天更新后,垂直工具栏消失了,怎么回事?