A few suggestions Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Thanks for the great addon. I cannot do without it.

Here are a few suggestions that I think can make the addon even better:
1. Provide a button to show/hide the vertical toolbar. We can place this button on another toolbar and use it to toggle the vertical toolbar more conveniently. I am a heavy addon user with over 100 addons enabled. I use VT to stow away rarely used buttons from my overflowing addon bar. So I don't want to set VT to automatically hide or always show. I keep VT always hidden. But it would be nice if I have an easy way to toggle it. If not a button, you could probably consider providing a hotkey to toggle it.
2. Option to set the delay for showing VT when we hover the mouse on the window edge. I'd like to set the duration to be higher than it is by default, so that VT doesn't intrude into my screen when I don't want it to.
3. There are a few addons which show on the addons bar as a bunch. There is no way to alter their location without dragging the whole set of addons to the new location. When we drag this bunch to the VT, it spoils the appearence of VT by making it extra wide. If you could provide a way to show all these buttons vertically, it'd be great.

I know suggestion 3 might be too much. But please consider the first 2 suggestions seriously. They are absolute must haves.

Thanks again.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (