195 reviews for this add-on
  • Forced to use that one with ff57.0
  • Nothing more to add. This doesn't work
  • It just shows the tabs horizontally in a vertical sidewindow. Total crap
  • not work in ff 55
  • Even after restart or the disable-enable dance the add-on shows small icons only
  • For me, it has never been working out of the box, but only by disabling the extension after firefox start and re-enabling again: This process transforms the tabs from compressed into a very small area on the left to working vertical tabs.
  • The tabs are shown horizontally and compressed into a very small area on the left. Totally unusable.
  • Only shows my 3 pinned tabs, at full title-long width instead of minimized.
  • Tabs show on a left window, but they are horizontal (and thus I only see 3 at a time) instead of vertical.
  • Just not work. Firefox 44.0.2
  • This addon works in Pale Moon, great. However:
    1) pinned tabs are not displayed properly. Please make pinned tabs smaller as their normal counterparts.
    2) dragging a tab out of the current window to a new window causes the tab title to become "New tab"
  • This addon opens a sidebar as you would expect but all the tabs load horizontally across the narrow sidebar so it looks awful and its totally unusable
  • Doesn't work in Firefox 41. Tried on clean profile without any other addons as well.
  • At all.
  • Totally busted.
  • Unusable
  • I was told in an email:
    "Sorry, I don't have any time to work on Vertical Tabs. It's on GitHub (https://github.com/philikon/VerticalTabs), feel free to fork it, or work with some of the other folks who have forked it and are improving it. I'm really not involved anymore at this point."

    I have no idea how to use GitHub!
  • Moved to Tree Style Tabs extension, which works correctly with almost same functionality. Chrome also has vertical tabs in dev version
  • Best vertical tab add-on out there. Simple and lightweight, the only issue is the recent Firefox upgrade that broke vertical tabs on start-up. The work-around, to disable and enable the add-on, works.

    Has anyone reached out to the author yet on this?
  • If after running FF32.02 make disabling/re-enabling this add only then it works. Need to fix it. Please.
  • The whole disabling/re-enabling thing works for version 32, but still has problems for me. Moving them doesn't work and sometimes tabs cannot be closed. This still needs a fix.
  • I am running FF v32.02 and it is a pain in the butt getting VT working the way I want. I click on the FF menu/add-ons, click on VT options, click on "tabs on right", close FF, open FF, click on the FF menu/add-ons, click on VT disable, click on enable and VT works the way it used to. Unfortunately, I cannot do without right handed VT and must put up with it.
  • I tried what Eliza did below (disable then re-enable the add-on) and it still works on Firefox 32!

    This app is one of the main reasons I use Firefox and not Chrome -- thanks philiKON!
  • This is a really great addon but with version 32 it no longer works correctly. Will it be fixed soon, I really like having vertical tabs. Thanks
  • fantastic, thanks a lot, however it's broken now with Firefox 32.0.1 on Windows 7 64 bits... please fix it, I can't live without!