VeeHD Enhanced Version History

7 versions

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Version 1.4.6 267.7 KiB Works with Firefox for Android 48.0 and later, Firefox 42.0 and later

Version 1.4.5 264.5 KiB Works with Firefox for Android 48.0 and later, Firefox 42.0 and later

Bug Fixes:
  • For some, Dashboard loaded slowly. Sometimes 5 to 10 sec extra. Fixed. Now loads almost immediately. This was caused by adding the UBBC bar and color picker to every "quick reply" link when page loaded. The UBBC bar and color picker are now loaded only as needed (when you click a "quick reply" link). This only affected users with a lot of comments or comment replies on their dashboard.

New Features/Changes:
All Pages:
  • Added subtle gradients to top Logo link area background. I hope you like...
  • Brought back the top and bottom Down to Bottom / Back to Top arrow icon links.
  • In Mini-Dash, changed "All" bookmarks link to "All Bookmarks".
  • Slightly enlarged avatar (by 10px) that appears next to items in public timeline, dashboard, and inbox/outbox.
  • The HTTPS lock icon is now a HTTP/HTTPS toggle link. Colored orange and green respectively. You can quickly and easily switch between HTTP and HTTPS modes at will.
Any Page With a Pagination Bar (Page Jump Link Bar):
  • Added a first page link and ellipsis (...) as needed.
  • Viewing Recent video pages past page 5, it is reconstructed to be more useful.
All Video Search Result Pages:
  • Added a "gear" icon next to the Hide Thumbs button. Click to configure what else to hide in addition to the thumbs. Hide nothing else (only the thumbs), or also hide vid description or show only vid titles.
Inbox and Outbox: Major new feature!
  • You can now view all your inbox or all outbox PMs on a single page! Added a "View All Messages" link at top of page (above page jump) on inbox and outbox pages. When viewing "all", a new dropdown will appear with an alphabetical list of members. This is similar to "Select by Member", but only shows PMs from a specific member and hides all others. TIPS: In the new dropdown, select "Any Member" (first option) to view all PMs. Use the "Select All" and "Expand". Use ctrl-f to find text. Filter by Member. "Select All" and then "Remove". Easily bulk delete all PMs from a certain member or every PM. NOTE: "Select by Member" is enabled only if showing PMs from "Any Member".
Janitor Page and TOS Violations Page:
  • Removed default avatar from vid list to save room. (not needed for sleeker display).

Version 1.4.4 233.6 KiB Works with Firefox for Android 48.0 and later, Firefox 42.0 and later

Bug Fixes:
Fixed: On video page, download link would not appear after clicking "Download" button.

Version 1.4.3 233.5 KiB Works with Firefox for Android 48.0 and later, Firefox 42.0 and later

Bug Fixes:
  • Various minor cosmetic fixes for main site and the Enhanced Help file.
    Example: Enlarging links for easier "tapping" on top menu, hover dropdown links, "jump to page" links etc...

New Features/Changes:
All Pages:
  • The main top VeeHD logo has been moved to the left side of the page.
    This was done to keep it always visible on smaller screens for brand recognition/recall.
  • Removed the top "Home" link. Not needed since the VeeHD logo is a link to "Home".
  • Removed "Popular" link from top menu. It is no longer supported by VeeHD.
  • Removed the top and bottom Down to Bottom / Back to Top icon links leaving only the floating left and right "arrow" links.
  • Removed the redirect when using the dropdown "Search In..." Google searches (forum, profile, video).
  • Replaced the "HTTPS" link with a green padlock icon. (Only appears if page is loaded using HTTPS).

All Video Search Result Pages:
  • Added a "Hide/Show Thumbs" button above results.
    Basically, removing thumbnail and some blank space (compacting) to have more results viewable.
    It is also stretched to fill the width that the thumbnail occupied.
    Your choice is "remembered" between page loads.
    This also replaces the "compact/expand" on the Bookmarks and Bookmarks All pages.
  • The sorting links line (All - Flash - Divx / Normal - Alphabetically etc) is moved onto the same line as the "Hide Thumbs" button to save room (sleeker display).

Janitor Page:
  • Added number of vids to "Delay All" link.
    When clicked, shows number of vids remaining to delay (progress countdown).

Login Page:
  • Login page is forced to use HTTPS (secure).
    After logging in, you are returned to the previous page using the same protocol used before logging in.
    For example, if you were viewing the forum using HTTP (unsecured) and you go to login, login will be HTTPS (secure) and then you will return to the forum using HTTP after logging in.

    NOTE: (Unchanged) The side quick login is only secure if page is loaded using HTTPS.

Video Page:
  • The optional player icons (HTML5, DivX, VLC) and the preview pic tool icons are now in the top left corner of the video to make them visible on any screen size without scrolling.
  • In comments, enlarged and converted "reply" and "remove" links to buttons (easier to see/use).

Improved Mobile/Tablet Experience:
  • If you view VeeHD on a device with a width less than 1009px or you resize your browser width to less than 1009px (site width without sidebar images), the site "shrinks" by removing the mini dashboard column.
    A fixed bar appears at the top of the page with a "Mini Dash" link and Down to Bottom / Back to Top icon links.
    The floating left and right Down to Bottom / Back to Top buttons are hidden.
    Click the "Mini Dash" button to view your mini dashboard. Click again (or anywhere else) to hide.
    If you have unread PMs, the number will appear next to the "Mini Dash" link.
  • By VeeHD default, the video page does not have a mini dash and the video takes up the full width.
    So on smaller screens, video/preview width is reduced by ~25% (site width without the mini dash).
    I have no plans to reduce it any further. This would entail completely restructuring/changing the basic site.

Version 1.4.2 224.9 KiB Works with Firefox for Android 48.0 and later, Firefox 42.0 and later

Bug Fixes:
  • None found or reported.

New Features:
  • "Enhanced" Link (below VeeHD logo at top of every page), is now a dropdown menu on hover or tap.
    It contains links (opens in new tab) for Enhanced Help, Support Forum, Change Log,
    VeeHD Enhanced official store pages for FireFox and Chrome and a "Coffee?" link.
  • Added a new Help system.
    You can access Help using the Enhanced dropdown menu (explained above)
    or by clicking the VeeHD Enhanced "Options" link on your add-ons/extensions page.
    Currently, it is a complete list of changes made to VeeHD by VeeHD Enhanced.
    In future versions it will be expanded with images, greater detail, and helpful tips.
  • For Touch Device (Phone/Tablet) users, veehd now loads at 1:1 zoom.
    No more finger spread dance on every page to zoom in far enough to click links.
    This means you only need to swipe. It is a first step at making veehd more mobile friendly.
  • Video Page:
    Server/Hub info (above vid on right) is now a download link to the vid.
    Click to see the link or right-click for "Copy Link" and "Save Link As" options.
    Clicking this download link will NOT stop your playing video.
    HINT: Drag/drop this link onto an open video player (VLC, MPC-HC or similar) to stream it.
  • Janitor Page:
    Clicking "Delay All" now reloads the page and continues "delaying" until finished.
    Previously, it only delayed the current page and you needed to refresh the page and click it again

Version 1.4.1 218.7 KiB Works with Firefox for Android 48.0 and later, Firefox 42.0 and later

Bug Fixes:
  • Upload Page: Now displays correctly and functions as it should.
  • Dashboard: Fixed "Toggle default/alphabetically - Down to Timeline" links in vids ready to publish list.
  • Forum: Fixed removal of items within "Latest threads you have participated in" list.

New Features:
On Bookmarks All Page:
  • Added a "live" title filter to only show videos starting with or containing whatever you type in the box.
  • Added a "link list" button next to the filter box.
    This shows a list of filtered (visible) links from the page. You can choose title only, url, ubbc and html formatting. Useful for sharing your links or saving to a text file for your own purposes. For example, use the html option. Copy/paste the list into a text file and save as .html. You can then open that file in your browser with all your bookmarks as clickable links.

Version 1.3.8 216.1 KiB Works with Firefox for Android 48.0 and later, Firefox 42.0 and later

Initial release as WebExtension.