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  • good
  • I love this theme, but for some reason my side cursor goes invisible, and only gets light grey when I find it w/ my pointer. So I had to change it. (Mac OS)
  • when i use Utopia theme in firefox 5, everything is fine except thatIcannot bring up the adblock plus right click menu(in the addon bar). Please fix that.
  • same as FFSE, i love this theme and would like to use it, but without separator bars i cant. i've tried to, but it drives me crazy i cant separate and unbunch the buttons.
  • I like it a lot!
  • Nice crisp, clean and stylish GUI. Looks great on OSX with the Mac version of Fx 3.6.x.
  • Very pretty; simple and clean, and I love the scroll bar. I'm using the black version, but the white is equally nice. I just with the buttons are a little bigger, but they're not hard to read or anything.
  • Clean looking and easy on the eyes
  • Clean looking and easy on the eyes
  • Awesome theme.I like it.
  • Awesome theme.I like it.
  • One of the few themes that still looks great even with the small buttons, which is all I ever use. Great job, and thanks for updating it! I'll be using this for quite some time.
  • I love the theme and colors, you have done a great job, thanks for this theme it is a five star all the way.
  • Tanks for updating!
  • nice
  • +1000
  • Hey! update to FF 3.5 please!! I've been using your theme for about a year and now it's not compatible. I don't think any theme could fill this void :)
  • This has been my favorite Firefox Theme, and have been using it since it was first released. It's a basic design with nothing flashy, just a straight to the point web browser theme. Now if they could only make one for Thunderbird, then I'd be set for the rest of my life using Mozilla's software for all my web browsing and e-mail needs.
  • one of the best ff themes in history
  • Love this! I downloaded a few of the colors from the developers site, all of them are great! Love the pink! I really like the scroll bar, it goes nicely with the status bar at the bottom when a page is loading! Thanks!
  • ...and the whole d--- bag of chips, too! Straight up!
  • Utopia White has a lot of potential, but the current version (3.10) just misses the mark. The ice white and coal black visual elements provide good contrast unlike the default Firefox theme, but there are several key areas of Utopia that lack refinement.

    For example, the vertical scrollbar is a very dark, inky black pattern on a white background, yet the tabs -- arguably the most important visual feature of any browser since you have to read the tiny text within them -- are grey text on a pale grey background. Whoops! Not good. Grey text on grey backgrounds is very hard to read -- I wish every themer would get this simple fact through their head -- and certainly has no place in a theme called "Utopia White".

    Another head scratcher is the Bookmarks Toolbar: I don't know about you, but I have folders and text on mine; it's the last place I want to see thin horizontal lines in the background. Text + background stripes = visual clutter. Please don't do that.

    Also, the black spaces between tabs is too large and the feathered edges on the buttons looks sloppy.

    Overall, I like this theme very much. The Bookmarks, Tools, and other menus are well-laid out and easy on the eyes. If those few faults mentioned earlier were fixed, this would be a 5 star theme.

    [Tested on a MacPro running Leopard 10.5.5 and Firefox 3.1b1]
  • I love the theme, but I use the TreeStyleTab extension with the vertical tabs and the tabs area is messed up due to how the artwork is laid out. Please make it look good with vertical tabs!
  • ah! now, i shifted to this one....Rank 1 in Clean themes....its clean...simply clean...u feel like u have opened a fifth graders notebook!!....amazing!