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  • After looking around for weeks, I've finally found a Firefox theme that I really like. Thanks very much for this!

    The only issue I have is that my McAfee SiteAdvisor covers the fox's tail - but that's not a fault at your end, and it's something I can live with.

    Thanks again.
  • nice
  • I looked through all of the themes. This one is my favorite. Thanks for making it!
  • Love the fox
  • That's really cute, loving it!!
  • Plain but very pleasant... great one...
  • This one looks really excellent. It's genuine and stylish, but not overloaded. Thanks for your efforts!
  • When scrolling down a page, there is no icon, only a white box with grey horizontal lines.

    Developer response

    Yes, thanks for the notice, that's fixed now with v3.8.
  • it's just amazing!!!
  • so cool !! cute fox
  • Just wanted to send you a thanks. I've been using this now for a few weeks, and have tried several other themes since, but somehow I always come back to this one.
  • Love it, looks overall very stylish and the fox is a perfect match.
  • this cool . I like this one
  • ive been using the zune theme but know this is my favorite. thanks, theres not many themes i like but this one is great.
  • I've seen that on a friend's computer yesterday, and instantly loved it. So I had to get for myself now as well. Thanks! :)

  • actually the fox logo looks quite cool, but i think i still prefer the standard version of this theme.
  • It's really nice
  • I thought nothing would beat my old one. But this comes way close.
  • excellent theme, nice fresh and clean look, thx.
  • That's my all-time favorite theme! On the one hand I love the simplicity of it, it's not overloaded like many other themes. On the other hand it's also not simple in the meaning of "ugly". All elements are styled very well and are nice to look at, like all that soft borders and rounded edges. And that fox logo spends just that one tick of color to give it some more "pep", while still not being too obtrusive. Great work!

    Also, don't let anyone talk you into changing something about the scrollbars. They fit perfectly to the theme, and I wouldn't want them any different.
  • Nice toolbar image. I love it. But the scroll bar is not attractive.
  • Genial, m'encanta.
  • Genial, m'encanta.
  • Very cute theme.
  • I digg it