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  • Beautiful! This theme is lovely and has totally revamped Firefox for me. Great work! Thank you :)
  • Gorgeous Theme but should be available for Firefox 2 since Firefox 3 stinks on Mac. Tried FF 3 and it crippled Mac so horrendously had to be uninstalled. Not fair to be denied beautiful themes because FF 3 not working anywhere near acceptable. I am a Firefox diehard fan and have defended it faithfully but I had to step down on Firefox 3. Mozilla, you need to come again. Do something about Firefox 3 so these beautiful themes are not wasted and all of us can use them. For one time, I am really upset with Mozilla over something more than a jumbled-up Knowledge Base! Not the theme-builders fault! Please build more gorgeous themes such as this, Alexander Brandl, and make them available to more than Firefox 3 (until FF 3 works better!)
  • Very nicely done! This firefox theme goes great for any desktop theme, a favourite, thanks.
  • I Just downloaded this theme to use at work a short while ago tonight. So far Im loving it. The fox icon is a great touch. This definitely beats the standard theme that I have been using since I upgraded to FF3. At home I use the bluecats theme, but I am growing tired of that so I may be switching to this theme there also.
  • my favourite theme, thanks :)
  • I was bummed out my old theme wouldn't work...then in the darkness, a Utopia. This theme is fab-u-lous.
  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE this theme. It's so cool looking and a pleasure to use
  • This theme should be the default theme for Firefox it's so perfect in every way!
  • This is an extremely nice high contrast theme with some class. The FF logo in the corner is certainly the icing on the cake for this masterpiece. The button mouseovers, background, and border stylings are all very pleasing to the eye, but they do not stand out so that they distract you from your work.

    Users who are stingy with screen real estate might not appreciate the slight bit of extra space required in the Navigation Toolbar for the FF logo, but I think it is worth it.

    Unfortunately, the search box does not look proper when this theme is used with the searchWP (it still works fine, though) addon. Also, the the bars for the inside borders of the search and URL bar look too much like a cursor. The only difference is that it does not blink slowly, so often I find myself trying to type in these bars when the elements don't actually have focus.

    Overall, I would have to say this is my all time favorite theme. The author seems really active in responding to feedback, so what little small nitpicks I have will probably be dealt with in the near future. Great Work, Alex!
  • This is a great theme, and the only one that I use along with the default strata, mostly because it's so different and the fox is awesome! The 'x' button on the tabs only has a blank box pop-up underneath it. It'd be better if you could either make it say 'close tab' like usual or get rid of it all together.
    Good eye for the detail en24, I didn't even notice yet that there's a pop-up at all. ;)

    I'll see if I can fix this with the next update.
  • great theme ,dig the fox
  • I have been Looking for a theme that is clear and not too flashy and blends in well on my screen.This is the one,,,I love the fox in the left hand corner. It is the fox that just adds that final touch of class..Keep up the good work..............
  • Great. Loistava. Shahkar. I love It
  • Clean, high contrast look with nice detailing + a different approach to the usual Firefox theme.
  • Just Perfect :) Thanks for this Theme :)
  • 凄くカッコいいです。気に入りました。
  • I was browsing through FF3 new Themes while i came across to this theme - Utopia FFSE White.
    It's a very stylish theme with the firefox image depiction.
    I liked it alot!
    The only problem is that the autoscroll icon shows up to me as a rectangle box.
    I hope this would be fixed soon.
    I really enjoyed having this theme. I'm sure many others feels it that way too!
  • Vote for thunderbird version
  • Great! A very clear and streamlined, yet pleasant design! The contrast between the B/W buttons and the colorful fox is also very nice!
  • the most beautiful theme i've ever used!
  • Found a small bug. I'm using Windows Vista 64.

    Yes, that's caused by an extension you've installed, most probably the Fission extension. I'll see if I can improve compatibility to it in the next version.
  • The best theme out there definitely, and the fox logo is really cute! Get it now!!!
  • Sweet theme!
  • I love this theme, any chance you could do one for Thunderbird?
    Yes, a Thunderbird version might come later, but I can't tell any precise date yet. That'll take still a while...
  • One of the best themes I've seen in awhile. New idea that really looks crisp and no bugs for me so far. Works great in Vista and in Ubuntu! Really top notch stuff!