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  • The firefox graphic and light colors are really nice, but I think the dark outlines could be toned down a little.
  • Great ! Just make it in black and ti will be perfect !
  • Great ! Just make it in black and ti will be perfect !
  • coool
  • Wow- I love this theme! Love the tabs look and scrollbar. And it's not gibbled with unnecessary background decore.
  • i really really like how it looks but it cuts off the wonderful fox's head when it's on mac. If you could fix that it'd be most exellent
  • This is the add-on that forced me to join Firefox Add-ons. Its the only theme that I actually enjoyed outside the default 3.0. Reason why its only getting 3 stars though is because 3 of my other very important add-ons don't work with it. The Tree Style Tabs and Fission don't do anything now, though i don't mind fission that much being down. The third add-on that is messing up is Speed Dial. Its the grouping tabs that aren't the colors they're suppose to be. Everything else is brilliant aside from the weird sidescrolling bar, but those 3 other add-ons are pretty important too, which is why i'm uninstalling this theme. Can't wait for an update though.
  • Its kick ass
  • You did an excellent job on the Navigational Toolbar buttons, but i don't like the rest: the black border around the Location Bar and The Search Bar, the Scrollbars and the Tabs. The Toolbar buttons are excellent though.
  • Hey, great job on this one. Love everything about it!
  • Nice Theme
  • Nice theme! I like tab style and border.
  • Nice theme! I like tab style and boder.
  • Nice theme! I like tab style and boder.
  • Love it, but when you click the middle button to scroll it is the same texture.
  • Better Firefox theme i've ever seen. Clean and elegant, easy to use. Working perfectly on Linux. Nice work!
  • love this theme!
  • love this theme!
  • It disables the pop up feature of Text-to-Image, causing Firefox to Crash, please find a fix for this.
  • Noticed that in the new update all the large toolbar icons are all the same size, but when you switch to small icons (which I happen to prefer) the history and print icons are still smaller than the others. Is this going to be adjusted in future updates? Any plans on changing the scrollbar?
  • great theme, easy on the eyes...and the fox looks cool, but having to use the bookmarks toolbar to see the whole thing kinda sux. overall great though!
  • Not bad man....
  • This is an extremely beautiful, simple layout. Thank you for your hard work. I especially love the fox occupying space on all three bars. Great job!
  • Wish the fox was larger on my screen! and only half its body shows~~where is the tail??
    Large to small icons have very minimal size difference. An original throbber design would have been fun! This rotating circle of dots is used in most themes, making them plain and uneventful.
    Clean, professional menus with pleasing, bold colored icon symbols. Icons have hover over effects or the words will underline with hover overs with cursors. Able to use theme for both home or career lifestyles.
    Still do not understand why when we add "spaces" to a toolbar, that our changes are not saved for the times thereafter that we use it. Everytime we pull up that toolbar, we are forced to add spaces on the layout if we wish them to be there.
    The printer symbol is too small and the add a tab symbol should have a RED BOLD plus sign on it so we know what function it has. Some f these other symbols are also difficult to see for they are too small & are not clear~~cut / copy / paste, in particular.
    This theme would stand out in a cherry, brighter RED color (used instead of the black) +as a variation theme.
    Well thoughtout theme for the most part. Happy days to the developer / maker of such a theme~~!
  • Very clean look